100 Funny Soccer team Names and Ideas Latest Update 2020

100 Funny Soccer team Names and Ideas Latest Update 2020.

100 Funny Soccer team Names and Ideas: Funny soccer team names are what you are looking for to make your local team a jolly good one! Here, we have collected a list of just funny Soccer team names and ideas for you!

Funny Soccer Team Names and Ideas

The list Centers just on Funny soccer Team names, so as to avoid you going through the whole internet looking for it.

Funny Soccer Team Names

Prefer funny team names? Who doesn’t? The following are funny soccer team names for you!

  • Portman Kunis FC – After an indoor soccer team from Dallas.
  • The Wet Sox – Wordplay on the Red Sox baseball team.
  • Forfeit – Not the most motivated team.
  • Norfolk N Way – Say it to yourself a couple of times.
  • Handball – A team that consistently forgets the most basic rule of playing football.
  • Lost – They may get confused where to shoot the ball.
  • Cape Coast Mysterious Dwarves – A real team name from Ghana.
  • Semen Padang F.C. – A real team from Indonesia.
  • Two Left Feet – Not known for their footwork.
  • Best At Getting Penalties – Otherwise they would hardly touch the ball.
  • Real Bad – The worst team you could imagine.
  • Low Expectations – Not the most positive team you’ve come across.
  • Hardly Athletic – They’re just not built for soccer.
  • Club Always Ready – A real team name from Bolivia.
  • The Codpieces – Keeping their balls protected.
  • Crystal Meth Palace – Wordplay on the English team Crystal Palace.
  • Chicken Inn FC – A real team in Zimbabwe.
  • Better Supporters Than Players – Usually they’re watching the pitch, not playing on it.
  • The Intentional Foulers – They’re out to get you, not the ball.
  • Meanies – Not the nicest bunch.
  • Killer Giants – A real team from Botswana.
  • Still Learning The Rules – They’ve clearly never played soccer before.
  • Old People – Their sporting days are way behind them.
  • Botswana Meat Commission FC – A real team name from Botswana.
  • Banana Slugs – After an actual species of slug.
  • Your Balls, My Foot – They won’t have balls for long.
  • The Receding Hairlines – They’re getting old, slowly.
  • Wasted Talent – Or so they think!
  • The Kickapoos – Not advised.

Funny and Weird

Funny Soccer Team Names and Ideas

  • Team Evil – Expect evilness.
  • We Kick Balls – This team appreciates the simple things in life.
  • Sons Of Chuck Norris – Beating them is just impossible.
  • Benchwarmers – A classic one for a team that doesn’t get that much exercise.
  • Own Goal – Not great at remembering which direction to shoot in.
  • Stinky Cheese – The smell of their feet.
  • 3 Left Feet – They’re all over the place.
  • 11 Men In Flight – A real team name from Swaziland.
  • Worst Team Ever – Can you tell they love their team?
  • Glorified Boasters – They boast about everything, no matter how small.
  • Civil Service Strollers FC – A real team name from Scotland.
  • Nerds F.C. – Nerds and very proud of it.
  • Team Crotch Fire – They have a lot of pain.
  • FL Fart – A Real team name from Norway.
  • The Regulars – They’re pretty average.
  • D-Feeters – They wish.
  • Arseanal – Wordplay on the English team Arsenal.
  • Leones Vegetarianos – A real team in Equatorial Guinea, which translates as ‘Vegetarian Lions’ from Spanish.
  • Outbreak – Known to cause chaos.
  • Insurance Management Bears – A real team from the Bahamas.
  • The Practice Squad – They’re not ready for ready for the real thing yet.
  • Dyslexia United – As long as they can play, what does it matter.
  • Bad Losers – If they lose they won’t take it well.
  • No Punt Intended – It never is.
  • Referee Beaters – The referee better be careful!
  • The Shebangs – In reference to the phrase ‘the whole ’
  • The Sasquatches – Hairy and big-footed.
  • Deportivo Morón – A real team name from Argentina.

Jokers Soccers Team Names(they are not here to win, Just to catch Fun)

Funny Soccer Team Names and Ideas

  • Couch Potatoes – Sports are to be watched on TV, not played.
  • Sportsball – The name of the game doesn’t matter, let’s just win already!
  • Past Our Prime Time – Their prime time was long ago.
  • The Boozers – A few drinks before a match is okay, right?
  • Scoreytouches – They may not completely understand how to score a goal
  • Barely Legal – Just like everything they do.
  • We Like Puppies – Perhaps too gentle hearted to play soccer.
  • Aliens – Quite simply from out of this world.
  • The Spicy Wings – The nickname of the Chicken Inn FC team mentioned above.
  • Luv Dat Chicken – After the team motto of Chicken Inn FC
  • Manchester Divided – Wordplay on English team Manchester United.
  • The Hangovers – Any excuse for poor performance.
  • No Longer Noobs – Or at least they think so.
  • Hoof Hearted – Say it fast.

Using Funny Soccer Team Names and Idea can make your team adorable as people naturally fall in love with funny things.

However, I suggest you don’t use it when you would really want to be taken seriously, as people may feel a little unsure about their support for such team

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