14 years later, the hope of the find is still alive

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The close of Mélina Martin remain hopeful of finding it, despite the 14 painful years that have passed since his disappearance at Farnham, in unclear circumstances, in 2005.

“It is difficult to revive the past, but we don’t want to forget,” says Francoise Algier, mother of Mélina Martin.

The members of his family do not want to stop talking about it, because the misunderstanding continues to live. The pain is still vivid. His presence they lack.

Roxanne Demers wanted to highlight the feast of his sister, today, January 12. It would be 27 years old. And the 23 January will be consistent with the dark 14th anniversary of his disappearance.

The last time that Ms. Algier has seen his daughter, it was at the time of the lead at the parc Roch-Bourbonnais, for a day of festivities of winter, in January 2005.

“She wanted to see the sled dogs,” recalls the mother of the family, as if it was yesterday. I had given him rendezvous at 17 h. She had told me : “Yes, mom, I promise you !” We never heard from him since. “

The time spent does not prevent Ms. Algier still have trouble accepting the absence of Melina. “When my children are present, I know that there is a lack. “

On the lookout

“There is still hope,” says Françoise Algier. It does not hide the emotion it rises to the throat each time a new hypothesis is raised.

Wherever he goes, the entourage of the young girl scans the surroundings, looking for any clue.

In November, research water has been done in the Yamaska river. The required staff have been made without hesitation by his family, who rejects no track.

“If one does not take every detail received seriously, you will not find it ever,” argues Roxanne Demers, 25 years.

As the adolescent was 13 years old at the time, his disappearance has long been treated as a runaway, not a kidnapping. That is what progressing in the loved ones.

The fugue unlikely

His modest apartment filled with photos waste of his seven children, Francoise Algier no démord not, however. Her daughter, the dress style “well she,” has not run away.

“If Melina had wanted to escape, she would not have asked his sister to take his children to the park,” she says.

The investigation is still open, confirms the Sûreté du Québec.

“If she reads this article, she calls us. We’ll go look for it. There is not a door that will stop us, ” says the mother of a family.

Any information to find this person can be forwarded confidentially to the Sûreté du Québec at 1 800 659-4264.

A commemoration of the disappearance of Mélina Martin will be hosted by the City of Farnham at the end of January. On 29 January, his story will be revealed in the series Where art thou ?, to Moi&Cie.