$ 15,000 Jaggi Singh for wrongful arrest: the Court of appeal confirmed the judgment

15 000 $ à Jaggi Singh pour arrestation abusive: la Cour d'appel confirme le jugement

The Court of appeal confirmed the judgment of the superior Court, which sentenced two police officers of the City of Montreal to pay jointly and severally $ 15,000 to the activist Jaggi Singh for the arrest of an abusive manner.

The case dates back to march 8, 2007, while the activist was attending an event held in the framework of the international Day of the woman. Singh was then subject to certain conditions of release imposed by the municipal Court of Montréal, including the one to avoid at the scene of a protest non-peaceful and to leave the premises immediately of any event that is, recalls the Court of appeal in its judgment at the end of last month.

The Service de police de la Ville de Montréal had asked the walkers to walk the boulevard de Maisonneuve, but the group, hostile to the presence of the police, had decided otherwise. Noticing the presence of Singh, the police Frédéric Mercier and Georges Lamirande have arrested the activist in particular for non-compliance of condition. Singh, who has always proclaimed that he had the right to participate in the event because she was quiet, spent five days in detention. He has filed a lawsuit against the City of Montreal after the withdrawal of the charges against him.

After eight years of legal proceedings, the superior Court awarded $ 15,000 from Singh, who claimed at the outset to $ 25,000 for five days of unlawful detention, of $ 12, 000 as moral damages and infringement of his rights, and $ 35,000 as punitive damages ($45,000 for in its request for re-réamendée).

In addition to confirming the judgment of the superior Court in convicting the two police officers to pay each $ 7500 Jaggi Singh, the Court of appeal gives the activist an amount of $ 1,000 as moral damages.