25 years of love for Louise Portal, and his / her spouse Jacques Hébert

Bruno Lapointe

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There are now 25 years old, Louise Portal, and his / her spouse Jacques Hébert met. The couple does not hide it : they don’t have the magic recipe. But they believe they still hold a few important ingredients.

“I think it’s much the communication. It must also admire the other for what he is. It should not want to change it, ” says the actress, cross in the company of her husband, at the premiere of the show, Virginie Fortin, last Wednesday.

For his part, her husband believes that it is essential to never take the other for granted, even after several years.

“It is like a garden : it must be gardening all day. There always grows weeds. Life is full of irritants and stresses, and we can dump it on another easily. It is necessary, therefore, to garden safely, ” he states.