5 useless cosmetics that are not worth to spend money

5 бесполезных косметических средств, на которые не стоит тратиться

In the beautician each of the fair sex have a basic set of tools to care, without which she can not imagine its existence. However, there are also a number of items, use of which is highly questionable. Experts in the field of aesthetic medicine came to the following conclusion: there are a huge number of cosmetic products, which is completely useless to potential buyers, and the only merit of manufacturers – the ability to extort from the customers hard earned money. Let’s deal with what cosmetics is to say goodbye once and for all.

1. Tonic

5 бесполезных косметических средств, на которые не стоит тратиться

Facial toner is one of those things that, in our opinion, is a must, since we do not have a clear idea of what our skin needs. Much better to use organic soap or a cream for cleaning the face, which do not disturb the biochemical balance of the skin cells. But if you really like this tool, select a tonic that contains no alcohol in its composition.

2. Remedies against cellulite

Let’s be serious: any cosmetic products that offer assistance in the treatment of cellulite, really do not bring absolutely no effect. Cellulite (lipodystrophy method) is a metabolic pathology mainly of hormonal nature, which has a complex pathophysiological mechanism and cannot be cured without modification of lifestyle. If you have decided to overcome this illness, you, first of all, you need to adjust the diet to get rid of bad habits and start to exercise regularly. Do not waste your money and time on something that obviously can’t benefit.

3. Hand cream, foot cream, body cream…

People are led to believe that they need special creams for each body part. Of course, this is a very clever marketing ploy. In reality, it makes sense to buy a separate cream just for the face. For all other parts of the body you can use the same tools because they all work on the same principle.

4. Shampoos and other cosmetic products for damaged hair

5 бесполезных косметических средств, на которые не стоит тратиться

It sounds very promising. In fact, the damaged hair cannot be restored or brought back to life with the aid of any miraculous methods. The tool can make them look softer and brighter, but healthier they become. You know what can be done? Go to a Barber shop. Damaged grow new healthy hair.

5. Night moisturizing cream for the face

5 бесполезных косметических средств, на которые не стоит тратиться

According to modern dermatological research, during the night there are important metabolic reactions and regeneration of the skin. Regular use of the cream disrupts these processes, which impairs the self-healing and inhibited the secretory activity of the sebaceous glands. Over time, this leads to even greater dryness because the skin becomes dependent on external moisture.

Of course, it is very difficult to force myself to think rationally when it comes to beauty. On the other hand, carried on marketing gimmicks and spend a lot of money wasted – it is a luxury. Try to be cool, analyze the market and choose the really worthwhile products.