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68 Unique Nicknames for Ireland You Haven’t Heard Of Before

68 Unique Nicknames for Ireland You Haven’t Heard Of Before.

Perhaps you live on the island, you should be interested in knowing some of the common nicknames in Ireland. This article is here to guide you through.


When you see these Irish nicknames, what’s crucial to note is that many were raised out of ignorance.

Just as kids don’t know anything better than bullying other kids, different cultures didn’t understand each other as well as we do today.

Therefore, they regarded each other not because of the nature of the individual as a human being. But because of what they did for a living or for whom they did it.

  • Micks
  • Paddy’s
  • Bridgets
  • Cat-lick
  • Bog-jumper/turf cutter
  • Fumblin’ dubli
  • Mcnugget
  • Mucker
  • Narrow back
  •  Wic the emerald isle
  • The land of saints and scholars
  • Róisín dubh
  • Hibernia
  • Éire


Irish Baby Names

  • Adine or “Addie”
  • Rosaleen or “Roz”
  • Breanna
  • Daley or “Dale”
  • Declan or “Dex”
  • Catriona or “Cat”
  • Thomas or “Tommy”
  • Keira or “Kiki”
  • Sullivan or “Sully”
  • Keela or “Kee”
  • Rowan or “Ro”
  • Renny or “Ren”
  • Quillan or “Quill”

Nicknames for Countries and People in Ireland

  • Antrim – The Glens County or The Saffrons
  • Mayo, God Help Us, The Green Above The Red
  • Carlow – The Dolmen County, The Barrowsiders, The Fighting Cocks, The Scallion Eaters
  • Kerry – The Kingdom
  • Kildare – The Lilywhites, The Short Glass County, The Thoroughbred County
  • Cork – The Revel Country, The Leesiders, The Donkey Aters
  • Down – The Mourne County, The Mournemen, The Ardsmen
  • Galway – The Tribesmens, The Herring Chokers
  • Armagh – The Orchard County, The Cathedral County

  • Kilkenny – The Cats, The Marble County, The Noresiders, Wet-the-guns
  • Laois – The O’Moore Country
  • Leitrim – Lovely Leitrim, The Ridge County, The Wild Rose County, The O’Rourke County
  • Limerick – The Shannonsiders, The Treaty County, buttermilks
  • Londonderry – The Oak-leaf County
  • Louth – The Wee County
  • Mayo – The Yew County, The Heather County, The Maritime County/the Westreners,
  • Meath – The Royal County
  • Monaghan – The Farney, The Oriel County, The Drumlin County
  • Wexford – The Model County, The Yellowbellies, The Sianeysiders, The Strawberry Pickers
  • Wicklow – The Garden of Ireland, The Garden County, The Goatsuckers
  • Offaly – The Faithful County, The Biffos
  • Roscommon – The Rossies, The Sheepstealers
  • Tipperary – The Premier County, The Stone Throwers, Tipp
  • Cavan – The Breffni, The Lake County
  • Clare – The Banner County
  • Waterford – Decies, The Déise, The Suirsiders, The Gentle County, and also he Crystal County
  • Westmeath – The Lake County
  • Tyrone – The O’Neill County, The red Hand County, The Red Hands, and also Tyrone Among The Bushes

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So, if you are looking for nicknames for Ireland, choosing from the list is not a bad choice. Additionally, do you know any cool  nickname for Ireland that isn’t on this list? Go ahead and add it in the comment section.