7 dead after falling into the void of a soccer team junior

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Seven people died and twelve were injured after the fall in the emptiness of a bus that was carrying a football team of under 14 years of age, announced Sunday the ministry of the Interior of Peru.

Six pre-teens and the driver of the vehicle perished in this accident to Rondon (north of the country), according to the ministry, as they marched towards the city of Chachapoyas, with a total of 35 passengers on board.

Images of the bus published by the local press showed destroyed in the middle of trees and plants.

“Accidents are frequent in this area due to the narrowness of the road”, told the television Channel N to the director of the regional hospital of Chachapoyas, Jorge La Torre.

Road accidents are serious currents in Peru: more than 2700 people have lost the life in 2017, according to figures from the police.

In September, at least 23 people had died in the fall of a bus in the province of Chumbivilcas (south).