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Through the heart-wrenching fourth place as her teammates and she were torn at the canadian championships university of rugby in Nova Scotia, Nele Pien was able to find solace in the course of seasonal his new family.

Unloaded in January to continue his studies with a phd underway in his country of origin and then added to the complement of the Red and Gold of the University Laval in anticipation of the overall fall campaign, the Belgian has brought invaluable experience to his troop throughout his career. She has also been elected on the all-star team at the end of the tournament.

“I had a lot of experience in the national team of Belgium, I played the Seven (world Series of rugby seven) I’ve played in France and I learned a lot of things. I was hesitant to finish my career in rugby before coming here [to Québec]. I wanted to do a session, to bring a bit more to the team and what I tried to do, ” said the player, 27 years of age.

If the wound caused by the defeat in the match to obtain the bronze medal – defeat of 20-19 against Ottawa on the last action of the match – was still alive, Pien has praised the work of the team.

“It is a shame to have finished fourth saw what we did during this tournament. It has been proved that the level of defensive, it was at the level of the other teams, and could finish the action. A little more experience would be able to help in a crucial moment “, she acknowledged.


Little familiar with the level of play of the circuit U Sports, Nele Pien is quickly fell under the charm, helping the young formation of the Red and Gold to finish second in the regular season (record 6-1), and qualify for the national appointment.

“The level in Belgium is not very high, and it is for that that I have played in France for two years. I find that here, I don’t know if it is because of Kevin (Spinning wheel, the coach or his game plan, but it is very interesting as a way to train. We must play smart, because it is one of the smallest teams in Canada. It is necessary to seek other means to earn it and that is very interesting. It is a bit of a multifunctional [each of the players], ” said the third-line wing.

If it comes to it, the experience in quebec, as well as his adventure with the team will continue next fall.

By then, she will return to Belgium to pursue his course. “We didn’t have the title and we will go get the title ! “

3 Stars of Red and Gold

1. Nele Pien

Rugby | D. materials Engineering and metallurgy

Best player in the Red and Gold at the canadian championships at the end of the week. She has a successful trial during the tournament, but she has been involved in the vast majority of the attacks of his team. Laval was ranked fourth after losing 20-19 in the face of Ottawa in the match for the bronze medal.

2. Vicente Parraguirre Villalobos

Men’s Volleyball | business Administration

His team fell short against Team Canada on Friday at the PEPS, but the attacker of the Red and Gold has nothing left on the ground. He has managed more than half of the attacks that he has launched is 23 out of 43 !

3. Audrey-Ann Coughlan

Women’s Soccer | mechanical Engineering

She was the heroine of the game in the semi-final against the Patriotes of UQTR. She scored the winning goal at the beginning of the extension period, which allowed the Red and Gold to win 3-2 and qualify for the canadian championships for a 6th consecutive year.


Performances worthy of mention

Daphné Blouin

Women’s Soccer | business Administration

It forced the extension in the semi final match against UQTR in with the tying goal in the 90th minute to tie the game 2-2.

Jan-My Létinois

Rugby | Environments natural and landscaped

She has scored a try in the semi-final lost against St-FX. She has been at the heart of all the scrums, often against players much larger than she is.

Maud Chapleau

Women’s Volleyball | C. social Service

The attacking has been the best of his team in the week-end : 85 attacks in total, of which 37 successful. The Red and Gold won its two parties, 3-0 against McGill and 3-2 against UQAM.

Marianne St-Aubin

Women’s Volleyball | Education at the preschool and primary education

She has very well supported the attacking main Maud Chapleau. It is mainly reported in the meeting of Friday, won 3-2. 11 attacks have been successful, over 36 attempted.

Bila Dicko-Raynauld

Boys Soccer | Entrepreneurship

Despite the defeat of 1-0 against the UQAM, he has been at the heart of the majority of the shares of the Red and Gold.

-With the collaboration of François Thérien




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