A car quebec will be unveiled at the auto Show of Montreal

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It is at the International Auto Show in Montreal (SIAM) that Antoine Bessette, CEO of Felino, will unveil its latest achievement: the CB7R.


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It is a version intended for the route of the CB7 that had made so much ink during its official presentation in 2013. The meeting was held during the day of the press to SIAM, and Richard Spénard, a pilot and instructor, had been asked to lift the veil on this pride of quebec.

Those who had fallen under the charm of the two prototypes presented five years ago will be pleased to learn that this new version will present the same silhouette. In an interview with the Newspaper, Antoine Bessette stated that the CB7R is approved among others for Quebec. In other words, it will be legal to circulate to the steering wheel on our roads.

In regards to motorization, it has the right to a V8 from General Motors which has been reworked by Mast Motorsports and Felino. It is mated to a sequential gearbox and has a power output of 700 horsepower.

Antoine and his team have sold a few copies of the CB7 based on the second generation of the prototype. Although it would be more than delighted to see it circulate in Quebec, Western canada and Asia are the main markets targeted by the company based in Laval.

To obtain a copy, it is necessary to extend not less than $ 350,000. As is often the case when one buys a new car of this value, some items are customizable. This is notably the case of the bucket seats that are molded specifically for the buyer. The stiffness of the suspensions, the ratios of the gearbox can also be modulated according to the desires of the one who will sign the cheque.