A company is a group of 28 nationalities in Quebec city

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When the shortage of labour hits hard in the sector of information technologies, programmers, it professionals and analysts around the world are more and more people choose to settle in Quebec.

The firm of consultants Cofomo provides one of the most beautiful examples, she has no less than 28 nationalities among its 300 employees in Quebec.

In the Face of an acute shortage of professionals in the sector of information technology (IT), the company is hiring now for a third of its employees abroad, where the opportunity of a new life in Quebec attracted many workers.

Heloisa Reis tells, for example, have wanted to flee the crime of São Paulo, a brazilian metropolis, where it remained. The woman, 39-year-old and her husband came to Quebec a year ago with the help of Cofomo.

“I fell in love with the canadian culture during a trip to Vancouver in 2010. I went back to Brazil and I started to look at the possibility of coming to work here. I saw that Quebec was in need of developers, ” says the professional who has followed a special course in French in Brazil.

“For the challenge “

“We’re looking for the quality of life, because in Brazil, this is not good. Crime, in Brazil, it is difficult. I think this is the most important thing that has made me change my country, ” she said.

Brazilian original also, Bruno Fernando Antognolli has claimed that he has sent his RESUME to Cofomo ” for the challenge “.

“I was attracted by the French language, and particularly in Quebec, because it is the only region in North America where we speak French. I was curious, ” says the analyst-programmer of 30 years, which is expressed also in excellent French.

Brice Absou, 29 years old, for his part, left his family in the Ivory Coast, to Quebec, where he hoped to find better working conditions.

“We suffered a political crisis in 2010, which was the first in our country. There has been a large wave of people who have left the country, ” says the one who has done the same a year ago.

Thanks to innovative practices in terms of recruitment, Cofomo is to hold most of its foreign workers. In order to promote their integration, each newcomer is assigned a mentor for the time required “.

Also, the firm facilitates to the maximum the administrative procedures related to the immigration process.


To celebrate its diversity, the company has even made this fall a book of international revenue with the help of its employees, which it then sold to raise donations for the united way.

“We are proud of this openness-there on the world. It’s part of our values, ” concludes Bernard Robitaille, director-general of Cofomo in Quebec city.

Immigrants not closed in the plane of the CAQ

Even if they themselves have immigrated to Quebec, the foreign workers interviewed by The Journal are not closed to the government’s plan caquiste to reduce the levels of immigration if it allows to better integrate newcomers.

As promised in the election campaign, the government of François Legault confirmed at the beginning of the month of December its intention to reduce to 40,000 the levels of immigration in 2019, representing a decrease of 24% to 2018.


The Brazilian Heloisa Reis has been working for a year in Cofomo. She explained that her spouse, who immigrated with her, has had a lot of access to French language courses.

“This was not possible because there were not sufficient resources to give the French classes to the spouses of temporary workers. If Mr. Legault thinks reducing the number of immigrants to better organize things, I’m really okay, ” she said.

“I agree to decrease the levels of immigration, but I think that we need to really focus on what we need here in Quebec “, also believes Chourouk Gharbi, analyst functional at Cofomo.

Tunisian in origin, and today a canadian citizen, she gives the example of the difficulty of seeing a family doctor.

Unknown Impact

The director-general of Cofomo in Quebec city, Bernard Robitaille, for its part argues that it is too early to say if the measure caquiste will have an impact on its business.

“It’s going to depend on how the policy is applied. From what I understand of the government, it is that he wants the integration to be done better, ” he says.

“If the policy objective is to promote a better retention rate of immigrants, a better success rate, it is not against it. But if, at a given time, it hits a limit and that we can do more to welcome immigrants because of this threshold that is reduced, one will find that’s a shame, because there’s a crying need for current workforce “, he noted.

The boss especially want to see the immigration process be speed up, whereas currently, it takes between six months and one year between the selection of a candidate and his arrival at Quebec city airport.