A Hotel for the 25th anniversary

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For its 15th creation, Cirque Éloize was looking for a theme that would well characterize the 25 years of the tour of the quebec company. And what better than a lobby of a hotel as the setting for this new show ? This is what Éloize offers with Hotel.

It is August 20 that started the tour d’Hotel. Already, forty performances were given before the arrival of the troupe to Montreal in a few days.

“We are super happy,” said the founder of Cirque Éloize, Jeannot Painchaud. The show goes well. When it was mounted, we knew that this would be the show of our 25th. And we wondered what would characterize these 25 years. This is where they thought the lobbies of the hotel which is well-known. “

Visually for Hotel, the circus is freely inspired by the universe of the filmmaker Wes Anderson in the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. “We can find a hotel strange, with a group of clients and staff,” said Jeannot Painchaud. There is a lot of humor. And there are obviously a lot of acrobatics. “

Among the acrobatic acts, they will find the chinese pole, hand to hand and juggling. There is also a special use of the set, while the reception desk of the hotel transforms into a playground.

Quebec tour

Musically, it is still Éloi Painchaud who is in charge of the soundtrack. The musician and producer had also worked on the show previous Cirque Éloize, Saloon, in 2016.

Former singer of the group, Greenland, Sabrina Halde plays an important role in the show.

And interestingly, the former singer of the group, Greenland, Sabrina Halde, portrays one of the main characters of the show. “It’s really cool to have a voice like her to play a character,” said Jeannot Painchaud.

After a short stay in Montreal, for four performances, the troupe d’Hotel continues its tour passing soon by Denver, Toronto and London. “There will also be a big tour in quebec in the spring,” said Jeannot Painchaud.

Cirque Éloize will present his new creation Hotel from 14 to 17 November at the Théâtre Maisonneuve of Place des Arts. For all the info : www.cirque-eloize.com.

Hotel in a few figures

Like any good circus show, Hotel has several acrobatic numbers.

  • 12 artists on stage : a singer and an 11 acrobats who play all of the music
  • A show is 85 minutes without intermission
  • The 15th original creation of the Éloize
  • More than 50 cities visited in the tour for its first year of broadcast
  • 150 representations in the calendar of the first year

A 25th year in charge Éloize

To mark its 25th anniversary, Cirque Éloize has marked the occasion by creating no less than three original shows.

This summer, the company has presented the show on a semi-permanent Nezha, the child pirate, Shawinigan. A few days ago, Éloize announced the creation Serge Fiori, Alone together for the next year. And the circus has begun tour to Hotel.

“This is a big year for the 25 years ! note Jeannot Painchaud. Create three big shows in the same year, we had never done it. “

In addition to these three shows, Éloize also Saloon , and Cirkopolis is currently on tour across the world. “Cirkopolis will end at the end of December after about 800 performances, ” says Jeannot Painchaud.

For the next few years, Cirque Éloize account to develop the model further shows semi-permanent in a single city. “Settle in for a season in a fixed place, it is very interesting. We want to develop tourism. “

And already, the company has been working on his next original creation, which should see the light of day in 2020. “It is already there above, confirms Jeannot Painchaud. We are currently imagining it. “