A montreal studio in the service of Jack White

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When Jack White decided to tour, he turned to Lüz Studio to design the dress visual of his new show. For this montreal company, the guitar virtuoso became his more important client to this day. And all of a headache.

Because you see, Jack White, as we will see in the next few days in Laval and Quebec, is not the type to facilitate the task for her entourage.

Thus, when the entourage of the american artist, has solicited a proposal for Lüz Studio, he was given two parameters must be respected : the project had to include the blue and the number 3.

This first challenge has been overcome since the submission of Lüz Studio liked the White, whose tour of Boarding House Reach is the first with video projections.

“Our strength is to manage the projections, light and scenography. It means that it is not mandatory to make a visual for each song. Sometimes we can only do the lighting. I think it has very much liked this approach. It was open to the visual because his last album lends itself to it, but he didn’t want to have it all the time, ” explains the president and head designer, Matthieu Larivée, who has worked on this project with Francis Laporte.

A different show

The other challenge that had to overcome in the brains of Lüz Studio is the unpredictability of the former member of the White Stripes. When Jack White comes on stage, he never knows in advance what songs they will play, even less in which order.

For this tour, it will draw in a repertoire of 70 songs. In order to arrive at the track, Lüz Studio has created 40 different paintings and put on 12 cameras arranged around the rooms.

“Every night, it is a show that is completely different,” says Matthieu Larivée.

The production even has an interactive component. “According to the agreements that he plays, it lights up different things on the screens. For Seven Nation Army, it has created an effect that pays homage to the tunnel infinite from the music video. “


If Lüz Studio was able to deliver the goods to Jack White (the project has provided a nomination for the best film and video screenings at the Knight Of Illumination Awards in Las Vegas), this is because the company had already made its weapons on other tours. “We have worked on two occasions with Panic ! At The Disco. It was a production at least two times larger, in terms of the number of trucks and effects, that what we did with Jack White. “”But a musician of the caliber of Jack White brings awareness,” says Larivée.

Jack White in concert at the Place Bell Laval, Saturday night, 10 November, and in the Centre Videotron, Monday, November 12.


Lüz Studio

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