A platform is well established

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JOLIETTE | ta Region has the wind in its sails. Established since November 2015, in Lanaudière, its platform is now present in Quebec.

M your Area to share a simple idea.

On one side, the company selects the shops regional on the basis of different quality criteria such as the home, the seal, or the enhancement of local products, and offers them visibility free of charge on its website and in its paper guide. On the other, in exchange, the partners chosen to grant privileges to members who purchase the card M Your Area, at a cost of $50.

“With 25% discount at the restaurant, or a 2-for-1 tickets to shows, people pay for themselves very quickly with their card,” explains Anne-Marie Brassard, director of communications.

More than 15,000 subscriptions have been sold to date in the Lanaudière region.

“95 % of our members have renewed their card this year,” explains Mathieu Cloutier, founder of M your Area.

Expansion to other regions

The success is such in the region of Lanaudière that the traders of other regions see with pleasure the representatives of M your Area to land in their corner of the world.

“Our goal is to create an indispensable website, gathering the best addresses of each region in terms of catering, hotel, entertainment. People are thirsty for quality and we want to help them discover local businesses operated by passionate people, ” explains Mathieu Cloutier, the guiding spirit of the ta Region.

His idea, he got it during a trip around the world, noting that a unique reference to identify the shops of quality would have been good practice. He needed to invest two years of work without pay to start the case, which pays for itself now itself. It considers the economic benefits for the regional economy of the Lanaudière region to more than$3 Million.

“With more than 1000 addresses partners in eight regions, M your Area is the concept of buying local the most successful in Quebec. People will be able to purchase the subscription of a particular region for $ 60, or take the subscription multirégions for 90 $. “

The privileges are valid only once at each of the partners, since the goal is to stimulate discovery. With a card valid for a year with 200 partners in the region, the members found their account.

The gift box, including the map and the guide, has a lot of success.

“It is a gift that you can use for yourself or to offer, which is used throughout the year and offers more benefits than a simple gift certificate “, said Anne-Marie Brassard.

For the tourists, as well as the local ta Area becomes a label of quality.

One day maybe Canada ? “There is a region at the time, but since investors and banks are interested in the project, you never know ! “