A scene not to reproduce

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The video of the spat between star striker of the Avalanche’s Nathan MacKinnon and his coach Jared Bednar has been greatly respond last week. That this kind of situation is found on the public place is not good for anyone.

Of course, this is not the first time that we have witnessed scenes of the kind where, in the heat of the action, a player and his coach engage in a verbal exchange muscular. I remember in particular this scene, in 1977, when Reggie Jackson and Billy Martin of the New York Yankees were engueulés to that better better in a game played at Fenway Park.

Officers and their players have lively discussions, I don’t have a problem with it. For me, the problem is when it is done in the public place. The lovers do not have to be witnesses of it. It does make people talk and it does not help the cause of person.

The avalanche flows

I remember several conversations beers that I’ve had with players in the course of my coaching career. Sometimes, it’s brewed ! But it was still far from the cameras, in my office or in the locker room.

This scene of frustration between MacKinnon and Bednar occurs while the Avalanche going through a very challenging time. Denver has just two wins in their last ten matches, and, after starting the season blazing, is found among the handful of teams attempting to maintain among the two teams rescue, taking part in the series.

That being said, it is difficult to know exactly the reasons for this barney. One can attempt to read lips, but we will never know exactly what the two men said. I dare, however, to hope that they are not too far gone in the words. There are things that are said in the heat of the action, and that one regrets later. I hope that MacKinnon and Bednar have not exceeded the bounds.

As in Dallas

Also, I do not believe that this is the fault of one more than the other. MacKinnon has taken the blame in the media yesterday. But we will never know the background of the story. It would be surprising that Bednar is white as snow in this situation.

I don’t know what there is in the air at the moment, but I’m beginning to think that the break of the all-star game will do good to so many ! Last week, it was MacKinnon and Bednar as the other before, it was the president of the Dallas Stars, there was an exit virulent in the place of his two star players Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin.

“They are the fucking shit of the horse, I don’t know how to say it otherwise, had it sent to some media outlets in Dallas. The team has been acceptable, but (Tyler) Seguin and (Jamie) Benn have been horrible. “

But what the hell may well have stung !?

Impossible to Montreal

I would imagine very poorly Geoff Molson come out publicly to attack with as much meanness Carey Price and Shea Weber.

Let us hope that the president of the Stars will be quiet for some time. Hoping for the supporters of the team that this release will have the effect of bringing together the players in the locker room.

This would at least be damned.

Interview by Kevin Dubé

The echoes of bergie was

All-star game

After Alex Ovechkin and Carey Price, Patrice Bergeron mentions not wanting to go to the all-star game. The center of the Boston Bruins, unlike the other two, had not been selected initially, but he asked people not to vote for him when the second wave of selection, since he desires to rest. The NHL is going to have to address the situation. If she really wants that players participate, it will need to increase the penalties for deserters. Ovechkin and Price will be suspended a single game for their refusal to participate, without penalty pay. The other hand, it shows that these players have a goal in mind and that is to be in the best physical and mental state possible to help their team in the second half of the season. Gary Bettman has a hot potato in the hands, and I look forward to see how he will handle this situation.

The referees

Claude Julien has not been shy in taking on officials in the past few days, calling their work ” 50-50 “. I think that the coach of the CH should be careful in his remarks to the place of the arbitrators. They are both on the ice and do not work in a duo. After having officiated a match in Montreal, an ira for example in Florida and the other in New York. And they speak, to the arbitrators. It is not necessary that the coach of the Canadian develops a bad reputation with them. You can disagree with them, but I do not think it would be wise to say it consistently in the media.

Poor Hudon

It has reached a stage where we must take a decision with Charles Hudon. It is impossible to put yourself in evidence when not only you don’t play all the matches, but, what’s more, when you play, you will be using on the fourth trio, and for up to seven minutes. Some rumors begin to circulate, saying that he has asked for a transaction. I think that one is made in his case, the Canadian should give him a chance to make an impression elsewhere. Let’s stop beating around the bush. With the little use that it has made, it is clear that the Canadian will not get much in return. But I am certain that it is interested in certain teams.