A sheriff in Florida suspended for his handling of the shooting in Parkland

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MIAMI | The sheriff of the County where took place the shooting that left 17 people dead it has been almost a year in a school in Parkland, Florida, was suspended Friday and accused of incompetence by the new governor of the State.

Scott Israel ” has repeatedly failed and has demonstrated poor leadership “, was launched by the governor Ron DeSantis.

During a press conference, the governor went so far as to say that the massacre of Parkland ” could never have taken place if the sheriff’s department of Broward county had been better directed “.

During the shooting of the 14 February 2018, the attacker, Nikolas Cruz, had killed 17 people with an assault rifle AR-15 in the high school Marjory Stoneman Douglas, his former institution.

Scott Israel, democrat of 62 years, has retorted by accusing Mr. DeSantis, a republican, had suspended, for political reasons, and promised to defend themselves before the courts and the Senate of Florida.

Mr. DeSantis has appointed Gregory Tony, a former police officer, in replacement of Mr. Israel.

Gregory Tony is the president of Blue Spear Solutions, a company of private security specializes in the training responses to the shootings and attacks like that of Parkland.

A commission of inquiry into the shooting was published a report last week, in which she criticised the reaction of the police officer assigned to the school as well as the lack of action of the officials of the office once they arrive on site.