A stick and a saw close to the body

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DRUMMONDVILLE | weapons allegedly used to kill and dismember a sexagenarian of Drummondville have been found near the refrigerator in which the alleged murderer had concealed the body.

This is what came to explain, yesterday, the technician in the crime scene of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), Christian Cantin, at the trial of Felix Pagé.

The latter is accused of second-degree murder of Roland Baker and outrage to his corpse.

His team has found many objects-soaked or blood-stained, may 24, 2017, in the basement of the residence of the victim, located on the rue Plamondon in Drummondville.

This baseball bat that could have been used to beat the victim to death was found in the basement of the residence of the victim.

A baseball bat in wood, covered at the end of a substance reddish, was discovered in the rubble.

According to the legal pathologist Lisa Butcher, who testified two days earlier, such an object may used to beat the victim to death.

Fridge barré syndrome

A saw was also in the vicinity.

“On the handsaw, I would not insist too much, but it was a piece of flesh and blood,” commented Mr. Cantin, at the courthouse in Drummondville.

Ms. Boucher was also observed, at autopsy, multiple stripes on the body of Mr Baker, as if parts of his body had been sawed.

A long screw stood in the fridge cluttered in the basement.

The police have focused their attention to the cluttered refrigerator, in the basement, which had been crossed out.

“We could hear the fridge running and it has a screw that holds the door,” said Mr. Cantin.

The blood on the floor

The grids and boxes that are normally found inside the fridge had been extracted and deposited on the ground.

The team removed the screws to open the refrigerator door.

The dismembered corpse of Roland Baker had been hidden in the refrigerator, found in the basement of his house on the rue Plamondon in Drummondville.

“From this moment on, one comes to the conclusion that this is probably our victim. It looks like in all cases to a human body “, testified the expert.

During this operation, the team of the SQ has also inspected all parts of the house of the victim.

Of human blood that seemed to come from the second level of the residence has been identified.

“There may be something there,” said the police.

A blanket with a substance reddish, who had the same reasons as the pillows seen on the upper floor of the house has also been found in the basement.

In the kitchen, police have identified a drill with a drill bit that was the same type of screw that was used to lock the fridge.