A tribune controversial for his first speech

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The chief of the popular Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier, has chosen the forum of an alternative media of the right controversial to say the most important speech of the young history of its political formation. “This is the first major speech to say what direction we want to go,” said the right arm of Mr. Bernier, Martin Mass. The speech will take place today in Calgary in front of some 500 people gathered at the invitation of the site, The Rebel, according to the clan Bernier. This online media well known in English Canada is shunned by both liberals and conservatives, the new democrats, because of his positions, flirting with the extreme right. The Newspaper has obtained a translated version in French of a speech, in which issues of identity and the ideas libertariennes occupy a place of choice.

Conservatives and liberals, all the same

The goal of the speech : to distinguish it from the conservative Andrew Scheer. In notes for a speech, Mr. Bernier draws a link between his former party and the liberals of Justin Trudeau. These two clans are intended first and foremost to please the pressure groups and refuse to debate the issues from the controversial ” fear of creating controversy “.

Down with multiculturalism !

Not surprisingly, Mr. Bernier to address head-on the issues of identity and immigration ” mass “. “The more immigrants, the more it will be difficult to integrate into our society, and the greater will be the disruption of social and cultural “, one can read in his notes of the speech. The Beauceron will come back on its promise of lowering the thresholds of immigration.

The sun that pollutes

According to the document provided to the Newspaper, Mr. Bernier account add a layer on his controversial comments on climate change. The warming of the planet is according to him “uncertain” and is “more” caused by “the sun” by ” human activity “. Mr. Bernier has recently created a stir by stating that “CO2 is not pollution” and that it ” feeds the plants “.