A young democrat from hawaii, ex-military, launches in the us presidential election

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WASHINGTON | Former military, criticized for having met with the syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad in the midst of civil war, the elected democrat from hawaii in the u.s. Congress Tulsi Gabbard announced on Friday, only 37 years old, she ran in the presidential race of 2020.

Entered very young in local politics in Hawaii, where she loves to surf, Tulsi Gabbard was the first american samoan and the first parliamentary confession hindu to come to the House of representatives, where she has served since 2013.

“I decided to launch me and I will make a formal announcement next week,” she said on CNN Friday evening, in a large smile.

“A lot of the reasons have impelled me to take this decision “, she continued before listing the health system, the reform of the judicial system and the fight against climate change. With a question, ” master, that of war and peace “.

In January 2017, Tulsi Gabbard had visited Damascus and Aleppo, Syria, for, she explained, an observation mission to help find a solution to the bloody conflict.

She had met with the leader Bashar Al-Assad during a visit of the criticism of the United States. “I had originally no intention to meet with Assad, but when I was proposed, I felt that it was important to do so,” was it justified at the time.

Elected at age 21 to the Assembly of Hawaii, in 2002, she had then enlisted in the national Guard of Hawaii, and had left his parliamentary duties to volunteer during a year-long deployment in Iraq, in 2005.

In 2009, she had again volunteered to return in the Near East. Tulsi Gabbard is still a reservist in the national Guard.

The candidates promise to be very many of the next democrat to try to oust Donald Trump to the White House in 2020. But few have even formalized their ambitions.

The progressive Elizabeth Warren has been the first personality to weight to take a big step in this direction by 31 December, announcing that it was launching a support committee allowing him to raise funds and take the measure of his chances.