About Jim Lites : the NHLPA is not happy

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The players Association the national hockey League (NHLPA) still has not digested the words that are deemed unsuitable to Jim Lites to the place of players-stars of the Dallas Stars, Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin.

The union responded by way of a press release on Sunday to the comments of the president and chief executive officer of the Stars, who had stated Friday that they played “like crap”horse.

“The comments of Jim Lites about Tyler and Jamie are reckless and insulting. If players ran this kind of comment to the leaders, how would they be interpreted? To say that the conduct of Lites is not professional is a no-brainer. In professional sports, all players and teams have ups and downs, but this is not the way the professionals handle the adversity.”

Lites has not been shy to criticize Benn and Seguin to be the result of a victory of 2 to 0 face the Predators in Nashville on Thursday. “The team was correct [Thursday night], but Seguin and Benn were atrocious,” he analyzed.

Seguin will play first season of a deal that counts eight and which is of a value of $ 78.8 million. Benn has agreed to a contract eight years, $ 76 million remains for the five seasons after the current one.

Benn has scored 15 goals and racked up 30 points, while Seguin has totaled 33 points, including 11 nets, both in 39 games.

Winners of the Detroit Red Wings, 5 to 1, Saturday, the Stars will host the Montreal canadiens on Monday.