Alina Grosu appeared in a stunning evening dress

Алина Гросу предстала в сногсшибательном вечернем платье

On his page in Instagram the Katy Perry shared a fresh picture in which she is depicted in a shiny black dress with an open back.

The slender figure of the actress became the center of attention of subscribers, and therefore the compliments are flowing like a river: “the Beauty of ours)”, “Great!” “Cool! And the poems are super, with meaning!”, “I admire your wonderful beauty, so pure and beautiful, and in one word —
out of this world!” and all other reviews in the same spirit.

The singer signed his photo:

“If we’re on different poles,
And I’m not drowning in your eyes
And I don’t hear native voices,
It makes no sense simply..
We’re not perfect,
Our senses are like unreal…
Each other a little similar
Hearts beat in unison to shiver…”.

Almost six thousand fans Alina Grosu appreciated her appearance on the new photo with likes.

Staff writer