140 Amazing and Strong Baby Names That Mean Strength 2020 Update

140 Amazing and Strong Baby Names That Mean Strength 2020 Update.

Baby names that mean strength will help arm your boy or girl for whatever lies ahead. Check out these numerous names below!Names That Mean StrengthChoosing the right name for your little one is never an easy task. There are several factors to take into consideration since this decision you make will last an entire lifetime for the baby.

Strength-related name meanings have become more popular to parents in recent years, as they prepare their children for challenging times.

Names for strong babies come from a variety of different cultures and encompass many different styles, from succinct, no-nonsense names like Drew and Zeke to long and romantic name.

Traditionally, there are fewer girls’ names that mean brave or powerful than there are boys’ names with strong meanings. But contemporary girls’ names like Audrey, Matilda, and Imara, for instance mean brave or powerful.

Parents always want a charming and unique name for their baby. Since every parent would want their little girl to grow up very bold and strong, powerful names are a great option. Names that mean ‘strength’ are certainly inspiring!

Names That Mean Strength

Cool Boys Names That Mean Strength

For your brave and powerful son, check out these strong names for your little warrior.

  • Hezekiah
  • Etan
  • Arne
  • Azaiah
  • Gavi
  • Ezekiel
  • Mandla
  • Pacome: Meaning: French for “of strong nature, or pacifier”
  • Imre
  • Zale: Meaning: Greek for “power of the sea”
  • Sosthenes
  • Ezekiel: Meaning: Hebrew for “God strengthens”
  • Aziel
  • Swithun
  • Andrew: Meaning: Greek for “strong and manly”
  • Barnett: Meaning: German for “bear strength”
  • Arnold: Meaning: Old English for “ruler, strong as an eagle”
  • Liam: Meaning: Irish for “strong willed”
  • Angus

Names That Mean Strength

  • Conall: Meaning: Celtic for “strong as a wolf”
  • Armstrong: Meaning: American for “strong arms”
  • Barrett
  • Warrick: Meaning: English origin name meaning “strong leader who defends”
  • Ethan
  • Emerson: Meaning: Old English name for “son of the brave and powerful one”
  • Evander
  • Ken: Meaning: Greek for “born of fire”
  • Maynard
  • Maoz
  • Fermin
  • Max: Meaning: Greek for “greatest”
  • Rostam
  • Brian: Meaning: Irish for “strong, virtuous, and honorable”
  • Drew
  • Valerian
  • Oscar: Meaning: Old English for “God’s spear”
  • Kano: Meaning: Japanese name for “one’s masculine power”
  • Arsenio: Meaning: Spanish name for “strong and virile”
  • Gerard
  • Valens
  • Callan: Meaning: Scottish for “battle, rock”
  • Berthold
  • Egon
  • Denzell/Denzel: Meaning: Old Cornish name for “powerful”
  • Kenzo: Meaning: Japanese name for “strong and healthy”
  • Oz: Meaning: Hebrew for “strength, warrior of God”
  • Uzi

Boys Names That Mean Strength

  • Takeo
  • Axel: Meaning: German for “father of peace”
  • Abir
  • Osiris: Meaning: Egypitan for “with strong eyesight”
  • Autry
  • Bernard
  • Narve
  • Aimilios
  • Uziah
  • Anders: Meaning: Scandinavian name for “manly and strong”
  • Ethan: Meaning: Hebrew for “strong, firm”
  • Oswald: Meaning: Old English name for “power; ruler”
  • Quillon: Meaning: Latin for “crossing swords, strong”
  • Garrett: Meaning: Irish for “spear strength”
  • Fort
  • Harman
  • Valentine: Meaning: Shakespearean name for “strong”
  • Fortney
  • Aaron: Meaning: Hebrew for “High Mountain”
  • Gabriel: Meaning: Hebrew for “God is my strength”
  • Alexander: Meaning: Greek for “to defend mankind”
  • Ryker: Meaning: Danish name for “strenghth”
  • Griffin: Meaning: Latin for “strong lord”
  • Amzi
  • Chasin
  • Kwan
  • Brian
  • Abelardo

Adorable Girl Names That Mean Strength

Your strong and powerful daughter deserves a great name that means strength.

  • Briana: Meaning: Irish for “honorable”
  • Valerie: Meaning: English name for “strong”
  • Mahogany: Meaning: Spanish origin name for “rich, strong”
  • Kiah: Meaning: “God is my strength”
  • Bedelia
  • Briella: Meaning: Hebrew origin name for “God is my strength”
  • Karleen: Meaning: German for “womanly strength”
  • Isa: Meaning: German for “strong-willed”
  • Adira: Meaning: Hebrew for “noble and powerful”
  • Imala
  • Sage: Meaning: Latin for “wise, to heal”
  • Minka: Meaning: Polish for “strong willed warrior”
  • Bali
  • Mildred: Meaning: Old English for “gentle strength”
  • Bedelia: Meaning: Irish name for “strong or exalted one”
  • Philomena: Meaning: Greek name for “lover of strength”
  • Ailia: Meaning: Scottish for “from the strong place”
  • Alsie: Meaning: Greek for “strong-willed”
  • Drusilla
  • Walburga
  • Kelsey: Meaning: Old English for “brave”
  • Solveig
  • Karla: Meaning: French for “strong”
  • Bridget: Meaning: Irish for “strength or exalted one”
  • Andrea: Meaning: Feminine form of Andrew, Greek for “strong”

Names That Mean Strength

Girl Names That Mean Strength

  • Audrina
  • Bernadette: Meaning: French, German name for “brave as a bear”
  • Cassandra: Meaning: Greek for “unheeded prophetess”
  • Britta
  • Ermentrude
  • Ernestine: Meaning: German for “determined, earnestness, or vigor”
  • Patricia: Meaning: Latin for “noble”
  • Gabriella: Meaning: Italian name for “God is my strength”
  • Etana: Meaning: Hebrew for “strength of purpose”
  • Tetsu
  • Trudy
  • Keren
  • Audra/Audrey: Meaning: Old English for “noble strength”
  • Valerie
  • Imiza
  • Almalda: Meaning: German for “strong
  • Matilda: Meaning: German for “might, power, or battle”
  • Everette: Meaning: Old English for “ wild boar and brave, hardy, or strong”
  • Melisande
  • Bidu
  • Asta: Meaning: Greek for “divine strength”
  • Gesine: Meaning: German for “maiden,dear”
  • Bree: Meaning: Gaelic name for “power and strength”
  • Brycin
  • Emersyn: Meaning: Feminine of Emerson; Old English name for “son of the brave and powerful one”
  • Gabriella
  • Ebba: Meaning: German for “fortress of riches, or strength of boar”
  • Dree
  • Gereswith

Names That Mean Strength

  • Gertrude: Meaning: German for “spear or strength”
  • Gerda: Meaning: Scandinavian for “enclosure, stronghold”
  • Rita: Meaning: Hindi for “pearl”
  • Valenica
  • Nina: Meaning: In Quechua, it means “fire”
  • Riella
  • Millicent: Meaning: German for “work and strength”
  • Biddy
  • Lenna: Meaning: English for “lion-hearted”
  • Valentina: Meaning: Latin for “strength, health”

Do you think we have missed any name? let’s see it in the comment section.

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