An advisor of Laurent Lessard wants to unseat Eric Cairo

Un conseiller de Laurent Lessard veut déloger Éric Caire

The liberal Party of Quebec freelance in-house in view of the upcoming general elections. Stéphane Lacasse, a political advisor to the minister Laurent Lessard, will attempt to dislodge the caquiste Éric Caire in the electoral district of La Peltrie.

Without opponent, Mr. Lacasse has been officially appointed candidate, on Sunday morning, surrounded by the ministers Sébastien Proulx, François Blais, Véronyque Tremblay and Laurent Lessard.

His challenge will be to size: hunt Éric Caire, the Coalition avenir Québec, which reign without sharing since 2007. Mr. Cairo has some overwhelming majorities of its assets. He was re-elected in 2012 with over 10,000 votes in advance ur a certain Jean-François Gosselin (liberal candidate), now head of Quebec 21 at the municipal level. Mr. Cairo has received a 7000-vote majority in the 2014 elections, always in front of the liberal Party.

Mr. Lacasse is currently a policy advisor to the minister of Agriculture Laurent Lessard. He followed Mr. Lessard in the various departments that it has occupied during the present mandate, in particular to Wildlife and Transportation.

Mr. Lacasse will remain in the employment of the cabinet of Mr. Lessard up to the election, he said during a telephone interview with The Sun. In the meantime, he has in hand a letter from the ethics Commissioner asking him to not work on issues that affect the district coveted.

If it is known to the house of the liberal Party, Mr. Lacasse is little known to voters. He wants to “go meet people” and get to know before they make their choice on the 1st of October, he said.

Originally from the Gaspésie, the liberal candidate resides in the electoral district of La Peltrie in the last six years. He intends to campaign on the issues of mobility and health care. On this last record, it wants to improve local services for residents of the northern suburbs, gliding, “for example”, the idea of a superclinique in Val-Bélair.