An elected american under fire after defending the white supremacy

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The only republican senator black Friday launched a sharp attack against another republican parliamentary, accused of racism after remarks defending the suprématisme white.

“Nationalist, white supremacist white, western civilization. Since when did this language become offensive? “asked this week Steve King, elected to the Iowa House of representatives since 2003.

“Why am I sitting in classrooms where I was taught the value of our history and of our civilization? “, he continued in an interview in the New York Times.

“Some in our party wondered why the republicans are constantly accused of racism, it is because of our silence when comments like this are met,” said his college republican Tim Scott, the only senator black of the conservative party.

Kevin McCarthy, minority leader republican in the House, also denounced the remarks of Steve King.

“About Steve are dangerous, wrong and have no place in our society,” he said.

This controversy comes at a time when the republican party is currently rocked by another case of racism.

A campaign by some republicans in Texas to dismiss a responsible republican muslim because of his religion has failed after the latter had been confirmed in his functions.

Thursday evening, the members of the executive committee of the local branch of the republican party voted (139 votes for, 49 against) to confirm Shahid Shafi, a surgeon by trade, in his position of vice-president.

Several voices of conservative Tarrant county, near Dallas, were raised to denounce the presence of Shahid Shafi to the post of party leader, because of his muslim faith.

The case had had an impact nationally, and of the major republican figures in Texas, like senator Ted Cruz or governor Greg Abbott, have lent their support to Mr Shafi.

“Religious liberty won tonight,” said after the vote the chairman of the republican section of the county of Tarrant, quoted by the Dallas Morning News.

“This victory is also a warning that we have a lot of work to do to unify our party,” he added.