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Two sensitive subjects seem to have animated many of the discussions during the Holiday period.

Hunting is an ancestral activity that has close to 300,000 followers. Those enthusiasts of modern times, who have lost a host of privileges over time, are wedded to their acquired rights.

Major crisis avoided

Thousands of nemrods wishing to take a deer in zones 9 west and 10 is could not access to their territory last fall, because technicians have identified a total of 11 red deer livestock infected with chronic wasting disease (CWD).

This last is caused by prions which are proteins denatured transmitted between cervids by contact with their urine, their feces, saliva, blood, etc It is fatal and without treatment possible. Some experts recommend to put a ban on the farms of deer to prevent CWD to develop and destroy the wildlife.

The biologist and director of Alliance for Public Wildlife, Darrel Rowledge, said : “It’s an epidemic man-made that affects the entire ecosystem and the hunting industry, any economy which depends on the wildlife pay for. “

Exceptional measures

As was indicated in the provincial co-ordinator for the management of white-Tailed deer, François Lebel : “If extraordinary measures were not put in place, more than 25 % of the herd of deer and moose from la Belle Province could be decimated by the disease, as observed elsewhere in North America. “

The MFFP has even had to hire the specialized firm, american White Buffalo inc., the amount of $ 500,000, for taking wild deer in an area controlled intervention in order to have the certainty that CWD was not extended out of the enclosure in question. A total of 751 deer were shot and, fortunately, none of them was infected.

What did enrage many citizens in the face of this sad situation which has put at risk the balance of livestock and natural deer species, in addition to force authorities to kill 751 deer and to spend $ 500,000 in our pockets, it is that the canadian Agency of food inspection will provide a compensation of a few million dollars to the breeder of the herd responsible for all these misfortunes in order to compensate for the depopulation of its 2787 beasts…


The Law on registration of firearms came into force in 2018 and all non-restricted firearms present on the territory of Quebec must be registered before the 29th of next January. This category of weapons, which are also called ” shoulder arms “, includes rifles and shotguns. Offenders may be subject to a fine ranging from 500 $ to 5000 $. However, at 17 days of the schedule, nearly 80% of the weapons have still not been registered by their owner.

I have already spoken to a few times on the subject and I find this new registry totally useless and very expensive. I’d even be willing to bet that in the very near future, the owners of weapons will be required to pay an annual fee for each class they possess. I sincerely believe that the company should rather invest more in the care relating to mental illness and increasing budgets and efforts to remove it from our streets of contraband weapons.


I have interviewed a few stakeholders on the topic. Here is a gist of their remarks :

“The quebec Federation of anglers and hunters remains against the registry of firearms, and deplores the recurrent expenditure useless as it will lead to ; these sums could be invested more effectively. It encourages, however, not the gun owners civil disobedience. It is up to each individual to decide when he will conduct the de-registration of his weapons “, stated the director-general Alain Cossette.

Jessie McNicoll of All against a registry quebec firearms request to all its members and supporters not to record anything before the deadline, to put pressure on elected officials, particularly those of the CAQ. “We ask them to contact their mp via email and ideally make an appointment with them politely, but firmly, of their unequivocal opposition to the registry. It should also be reminded that the CAQ has been worn by the people of the regions, and that firearms owners have overwhelmingly voted for them. No liberal mp has survived in the registry area. If François Legault wants a second term, he will have to listen to the honest firearms owners, ” he added.

“The Law on registration of weapons requires all owners to register their weapons sports by January 29, 2019. All the agencies that support this type of weapon mobilize their members to comply with this law even if they disagree with its application. However, in a spirit of protest, they encourage gun owners to contact and to demonstrate their disagreement with their mp. In addition, it was strongly suggested to save the weapons at the last minute in the hope of a postponement or cancellation of this law “, said for his part Pierre Won the Association of Collectors of Arms in Lower Canada.

Pierre Bertrand, vice-president of the Association of hunters with hounds of Quebec, encourages the members of the ACCCQ to wait to see, with the approach of the deadline for the registration of weapons, what will be the actions of the government in the face of the low rate of participation in the registry. It surenchérissait by adding : “However, if and when you decide to register your weapons, we encourage you to express in a legal manner, your dissatisfaction with the application of the registry. For example, for the registration of five weapons, it is possible to use five separate forms and mailing them in separate envelopes. “