Back to Los Angeles, eight years and $ 100 million later

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Thus, the time Russell Martin with the Toronto Blue Jays has lasted four seasons. For the last year of the five-year contract worth 82 million u.s. dollars that were made by the Jays in 2014, the receiver québec will make a return to the sources.

Traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers yesterday, however, it is a Russell Martin with nearly $ 100 million more in the bank who returns to Los Angeles. Rather than touch a “lean” 387 000 $ as he did in his first full season as a catcher from the Dodgers, in 2007, it will be paid again this season for the tidy sum of $ 20 million.

After a few games in 2019, Martin, will cross the milestone of 100 million won in salary. His winnings for his performance on the field, amounting currently to $ 98.3 million, which makes it one of the canadian players the best-paid of in baseball history.

Among canadian players, his winnings already exceed those of the mvp of the american League in 2006 Justin Morneau (96.7 Million$) and are more than double those of his former teammate in the Dodgers, reliever Eric Won ($40.1 Million).

It would be faster to enumerate the list of Canadians who earned more money than Russell Martin : Joey resulted in him winning ($128.3 Million) and Larry Walker (110,5 M$).

The gains are significant, if we consider that he is 17 years older than Martin, and resulted in him winning, both aged 35 years. The major part of the fortune Walker was performed at his last six seasons in major league baseball, at an annual salary of a little over 12 million. In the notorious 1994 season marked by the strike of the players, Walker was nearing 4 million as a fielder the right of the Expos.

A loss for the exchequer

When an athlete of the caliber of Russell Martin left the Blue Jays, this is not only a sad day for the supporters. Especially after having recently said goodbye to Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, David Price and Josh Donaldson, and knowing full well that of lean years on the horizon. For the different levels of government, it is also a heavy loss.

Annually, Russell Martin paid approximately $ 10 million in taxes. As it takes the path of California, where the tax rate is relatively high, it will still have to pay considerable amounts in taxes. Except that these millions will end up in the coffers of american, and not in Canada.

Of course, the notice of assessment of the professional athletes are not accessible to the public, but an exercise done by ESPN last year shows that by evolving in California rather than in Ontario, Martin will conclude the year 2019 with a little more money in his pockets.

In the file of ESPN, there has been a focus of attention for players of the NBA. In the examples provided by the sports channel in u.s., reported that Kyle Lowry, star player of the Toronto Raptors, would in the end account for 42% of his base salary and$ 28.7 Million after having paid his taxes and his agent.

For their part, the residents of California Steph Curry (Warriors of Golden State) and Blake Griffin (Clippers de Los Angeles) kept respectively by 44 % and 48 % of their annual salary.

Even if one can find a few people to cry over the fate of professional athletes, we find that they pay more than their share of taxes.

Impressive increase of his salary

Season Team Salary (in millions $)
2007 Los Angeles Dodgers 0,3875
2008 Los Angeles Dodgers 0,5
2009 Los Angeles Dodgers The 3.9
2010 Los Angeles Dodgers 5,05
2011 New York Yankees 4,0
2012 New York Yankees 7,5
2013 Pittsburgh Pirates 6,5
2014 Pittsburgh Pirates 8,5
2015 Toronto Blue Jays 7,0
2016 Toronto Blue Jays 15,0
2017 Toronto Blue Jays 20,0
2018 Toronto Blue Jays 20,0
2019 Los Angeles Dodgers 20,0

Canadian players the best paid

Player Team Salary (in millions $)
Joey Resulted In Him Winning Cincinnati Reds 25,0
Russell Martin Toronto Blue Jays 20,0
James Paxton Seattle Mariners 4,9

Source : Baseball Reference