Bad reviews and controversy for the adaptation of american”Untouchables”

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NEW YORK | The film “The Upside”, an adaptation of american d'”Intouchables”, released Friday in the United States, has received a critical reception, negative and already sparked a controversy on the incarnation of the disability, but the public responds to this.

A little more than seven years after the movie phenomenon with 51 million entry into the world, of which 19.5 France, and $ 416 million of revenue, “The Upside” is trying to capitalize on the recipe that made the success of the original.

The synopsis is almost the same, with two or three twists, and many scenes are reproduced in almost identical form.

The story has been transposed rather skillfully in New York city, Phillip Lacasse (Philippe in “the Untouchables”) live in the upscale neighborhood of Upper East Side and Dell Scott (Driss in the original) in the Bronx.

But from the point of view of many american critics, influential, as Cath Clarke of Time Out, or Emily Yoshida of the Vulture, the result is a film full of good feelings and shots, in particular on the character of Dell.

“To suggest, even in a comedy general public, that the racial divisions can be erased by Pavarotti and a joint succession of the stone age,” wrote Cath Clarke.

Even if the duet between comedian Kevin Hart and actor Bryan Cranston does not have the density of the formed by Omar Sy and Francois Cluzet, from the point of view of Joe Morgenstern of the Wall Street, a number of critics are hailing the performance of the two men.

– Debate on the representation – In addition to this critical reception more than mixed reviews, the film has triggered, even before its release, a controversy, born of the fact that the production has chosen to interpret a quadriplegic by Bryan Cranston, who has no disability.

“As an actor with a disability, let me emphasize the fact that these roles are the only ones which the players with reduced mobility could be taken into account… and yet, they are not”, commented the actor Ally Craig on Twitter.

“As actors, we are asked to play other people,” is defended Bryan Cranston in an interview to the british agency Press Association. “If I am heterosexual, middle-aged, and affluent, this means that I can’t play someone who is not easy, that I can’t play a homosexual?”

“You don’t think about the representation, at which point it is important for people to see themselves represented on screen, in a genuine way, and at the same time, I don’t think Bryan Cranston has done something wrong,” commented the presenter of the program “The Daily Show”, Trevor Noah.

“I don’t think it should become a shouting match”, he added. “Maybe next time, Hollywood people would reflect on this a little more.”

Despite the criticism and controversy, the film did fairly well started in the United States, and the website BoxOffice Pro provided $ 12.5 million of revenue for the first weekend, which would be a satisfactory result.

The film is the first released by the former production home of Harvey Weinstein, The Weinstein Company, since the publication of the first evidence for the mogul of Hollywood, at the beginning of October 2017.

Presented at the Toronto festival in September 2017, “The Upside”, will have waited 16 months before it was released in theaters, the time to the production house to be sold and renamed the Lantern Entertainment.