65 Perfect and Popular Nicknames for Jessica 2020 Update

65 Perfect and Popular Nicknames for Jessica 2020 Update.

Seeking nicknames for someone called Jessica, despite being a common name, can give you a headache. We share all of the amazing Jessica nicknames we know in this post.

Nicknames for Jessica

The name “Jessica” is of Hebrew origin, meaning “gift” or “God beholds.” It is generally believed that the name may have been the Anglicization of the biblical name “ISCAH

This is briefly mentioned in Genesis 11:29, the name of the daughter of Haran.

In Matthew Bible Version, available in Shakespeare’s time, Iscah was spelled Jesca. The original name “Yiskah” in Hebrew means “foresight.”

Jessica is definitely a lovely name, and if you want to, nothing keeps you from coming up with a nickname to personalize it.

Also, Jessica can be a middle name as in the case of American actress, model, singer, and Producer “Sarah Jessica Parker.”

Here are a few nicknames for Jessica to help with your search:

Nicknames for Jessica

Cute Nicknames for Jessica

If your girlfriend or your bestie is Jessica, or if she’s your sweet daughter, then you need a sweet pet name for her, and that’s why these cute Jessica nicknames are perfect:

  • Jessi-Jess
  • Kika
  • Jessca
  • Jesslyn
  • Jessy-Bear
  • Jessalen
  • Jiji
  • New Jersey
  • Jesse
  • Jesska
  • Juicy Jess: Jessica with the Juice
  • Jay
  • Jesseca: Hebrew version of Jessica
  • Jessey
  • J-Dawg
  • Jeddie
  • Jessicat
  • Jessica J
  • Jessi
  • Jecca
  • Queen Jessi
  • Baby J
  • Jesselyn
  • Jessyka
  • Jeje
  • Jes
  • Jessi Boo
  • Jezzee
  • Jessabeth
  • Jessican
  • Jess Jess
  • Jessie
  • Jessi Dear
  • Sheshi: Ruler
  • Jessy
  • Jesstifer
  • Jessi Bear
  • Jessicka: Variation of Jessica.
  • Yessi: Jessi spelled with a Y.
  • Jennica: Romanian form of Jessica.
  • Jezzica
  • Jex
  • Jessie-J
  • Sika
  • Jessa
  • Jesizzle
  • Jess
  • JJ
  • Jessalin

Funny Nicknames for Jessica

Funny nicknames are the best. If you agree, then you would love the following funny nicknames for Jessica:

  • Jellymcflurry
  • Jessicant
  • Hurricane Jessie
  • Jesse Car
  • Jesscow
  • Jessie Mouse
  • Jess-e-bot
  • Jessicake
  • Messy Jessie
  • Jessie-poo
  • Jessica Tickles
  • Jessi Slicky
  • Jelly-Ca
  • Jessimania
  • Jessica Pickles
  • Jumpy Jess

Nicknames for Jessica

Famous People Named Jessica

A common source of nicknames is famous individuals. For someone called Jessica, some of these famous people called Jessica may be inspired by her nickname:

  • Jessica Alba (American actress)
  • Jessica Jones (Marvel Comics Superhero)
  • Jessica Lovejoy (The Simpsons)
  • Jessica Sanders (Heroes).
  • Jessica Zafra (Filipina writer)
  • Jessica Zhu (Chinese-American Pianist)
  • Jessica Ennis (British athlete)
  • Jessica Rossi (Italian sport shooter)
  • Jessica Day (New Girl)
  • Jessica Glitter (How I Met Your Mother)
  • Jessica De Gouw (Australian actress)
  • Jessica Delgau (Canadian Swimmer)
  • Jessica Wahls (German Pop Singer)
  • Jessica Taylor ( English Singer)
  • Jessica (Merchant of Venice)
  • Jessica Yu ( American film director)
  • Jessica L. Wright (American politician)

Finally, you should be a lover and share it in the comments section if you know any beautiful Jessica nicknames that we have left out!

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