95 Beautiful Names That  Mean Fire Will Increase Your Happiness 2020

95 Beautiful Names That  Mean Fire Will Increase Your Happiness 2020.

Do you know that it is an interesting thing to give your baby an amazing and elegant fire-inspired name? Oh yes. Check out the names below.

Names That Mean FireNaming your child with a name meaning fire could produce a person who’s passionate about things and would definitely make a great difference in the world.

The name itself will have strength and shine in it, so surely your baby will be the fire of change

Baby names that mean fire are a diverse group, from a range of cultures ancient and modern, representing different feelings and styles. Fire names might literally mean fire or fiery or blaze or sun.

They might also be the names of gods or goddesses of fire or the sun or have other fire-related associations, like ember and phoenix

Top Boy Names That Mean Fire

  • Kenneth: Meaning: born of fire; handsome
  • Langa: This name originated in Nguni and means Sun
  • Cyrus: Meaning: Persian name for sun
  • Agni: This word has Sanskrit origins and it means fire
  • Amarkeeri: A Hindi name of Indian origin, it signifies eternal flame
  • Baskara: This name has Indonesian origin and it means  Sun
  • Drake: Meaning: dragon
  • Agnideep: A name of Indian origin, this means Inflamed
  • Joash: This is a biblical name with Hebrew origin which means fire of Yahweh
  • Anshul: Meaning: sunbeam
  • Vulcan: Meaning: Roman god of fire
  • Titus:bIt comes from Latin word “Titos” which means to burn

Names That Mean Fire

  • Conleth: Meaning; chaste fire
  • Alev: Meaning: Turkish name for fire
  • Keegan: Meaning: Son of fire
  • Haco: Meaning: Celtic name for fire; flame
  • Brenton: This is an English name and means place near burnt land
  • Mishal: This is an Arabic name which means torch bearer
  • Phoenix: Meaning: a mythical bird that rises from the ashes of flames; dark red
  • Brando: Meaning: Italian name for firebrand; sword
  • Azar: Meaning: Iranian name for fire
  • Aodh: This has Gaelic origin which means fire
  • Pele: it is a Hawaiian name which stands for the Goddess of fire
  • Apollo: Meaning: Manly beauty; In Greek mythology, it is a fiery chariot (the sun) through the sky
  • Horus: Meaning: Egyptian name for sun god

Amazing Boy Names That Mean Fire

  • Cole: Associated with the word coal, as in charcoal which is used to make fire
  • Blaise/Blaze: From the word ‘blaze’ as in ‘fire blaze’ or ‘blaze of glory
  • Agnivo: This is a name of Indian origin It means blaze of fire
  • Keahi: Meaning: Hawaiian name for flames
  • Mogotsi: A name of Sesotho origin, its meaning is builder of fire
  • Brantley: Meaning: German name for fire
  • Branton/Brenton: Meaning: dweller of the burnt town
  • Citrabanu: A name of Indian origin, it means magnificent fire
  • Admani: A Sanskrit word which means flames or “burning fire
  • Hakan: Meaning: Native American name for fire
  • Tyson: Meaning: firebrand
  • Reese/Rhys: Meaning: ardent; fire
  • Barak: Meaning: Lightning
  • Egan: Meaning: Irish name for little fire
  • Loki: Meaning: Norse trickster god associated with magic and fire
  • Hagan: Meaning: Irish name for little fire
  • Fintan: Meaning: Irish name for white fire or white bull
  • Ignacio/Ignatius/Inigo: Meaning: Fire; Fiery
  • Kai: Meaning: Scottish name for fire
  • Aarush: A name of Indian origin, this means  first rays of Sun
  • Sampson: Meaning: Hebrew name for sun
  • Kenna: Meaning: From Gaelic origins; born of fire
  • Flint: From the word ‘flint’, a stone used to make fire
  • Aidan/Aiden/Ayden: Meaning: little fire
  • Mccoy: Meaning: Irish name of fire

Radiant Girl Names That Means Fire

  • Hera: Meaning: Greek Goddess of the hearth/fireplace
  • Electra A sparkling Greek name which means the fiery Sun
  • Alinta: Meaning: Noongar name for fire; flame
  • Kalama: Meaning: Hawaiian name for flaming torch
  • Ember: From the word ’ember’, a smoldering piece of fire or coal
  • Fiammetta: A French name which is rather unique name for fire
  • Bedelia: Meaning: Celtic goddess of fire
  • Nomalanga: An impressive name from Africa, it means Sunny
  • Elidi: Meaning: gift of the sun
  • Ignacia: A name of Latin or Spanish origin it means firebrand
  • Angarika: Meaning: Hindi name for flame of the forest
  • Kindle: Meaning: to set fire
  • Bren: Meaning: German name for flame
  • Seraphina: Meaning: ardent; fiery
  • Hotaru: Japanese origin. It means firefly
  • Aalish: This name has Persian origins and it means flame
  • Conley: It has Gaelic origin and means purifying fire
  • Kalinda: Meaning: Hindi name for sun
  • Salana: Meaning: Latin name for sun
  • Hestia: Meaning: Greek name for fireside; hearth
  • Soleil: Meaning: French word for sun
  • Fiamma: Meaning: fire
  • Adara: A name of Hebrew origin this means fire
  • Nuri: A soft sounding name of Hebrew origin, this means fire of the lord
  • Brigid/Bridget: Meaning: Irish goddess of fire and poetry
  • Helia: Meaning: Greek name for sun

Super Girl Names Meaning Fire

  • Cinderella: A French name that means A little ash girl
  • Tana: Meaning: Greek name for sun or fire goddess
  • Stella/Estella: Meaning: star
  • Emberly/Emberleigh: Derived from ’ember’; free spirit
  • Calida: Meaning: Spanish name for heated
  • Aster: Meaning: star; flower
  • Udia: This is a Hebrew name and means Jehobah’s fire
  • Solana: Meaning: Spanish name for sunshine
  • Vesta : Meaning: Roman Goddess of the hearth/fireplace
  • Damini: Meaning: Indian name for lightning
  • Electra: Meaning: Greek name for sparkling; fiery sun
  • Agnimitra: An ancient Sanskrit word, means friend of fire
  • Azar: A Persian name which means either scarlet or fire
  • Aine: This name has Celtic origins and means fire
  • Idalia: Meaning: Italian name for ‘behold the sun’
  • Edana: A name of Gaelic origin, it means tiny flame
  • Anala: Meaning: Hindi name for fire
  • Enya: Meaning: fire
  • Oriane: Meaning: French name for sunrise
  • Shula: This is an Arabic name which means flame
  • Eliane: Meaning: sun

Names That Mean Fire

This list of fire-themed names has been created by considering foreign names of various origins. We hope you enjoy scrabbling through it and find the one which hit a nerve in you.

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