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80 Beautiful Names That Mean Star and Their Uniqueness 2020 Update

80 Beautiful Names That Mean Star and Their Uniqueness 2020 Update.

If you love the night sky, outer space, and all things celestial, names that mean “star” are the perfect options for your baby.

Names That Mean Star

When you want to find unique baby names with a gender neutral sound, look to the sky. Star names often work for girls and boys because they’re derived from ancient languages.

There are lots of names for stars in different languages and cultures. You can also look to constellation names.

There are many names for boys and girls which mean star. These baby names below shine brightly when you want your baby’s name to reach for the stars.

Boy Names That Mean Star

  • Sammay: Meaning: Indian for “The beginning”
  • Leo: Meaning: Named after a constellation, with Ancient Rome origins
  • Zeke: Meaning: Arabic name meaning “Shooting star”
  • Aries: Meaning: Latin name for ram; name of a constellation
  • Sutara: Meaning: Indian for “Holy star”
  • Hesperos: Meaning: Greek name for “Evening”
  • Citlati: Meaning: Native American origin name for “an object of the space and universe”
  • Pratha: Meaning: Indian for “In the origin”
  • Tarak: Meaning: Sanskrit name for “Star, Protector”
  • Castor: Meaning: Greek name of the brightest star in Gemini Constellation
  • Atlas: Meaning: name of a famous Greek Titan
  • Archer: Meaning: Greek name for ‘Strength and power’

  • Orion: Meaning: a name with Greek origins, the brightest constellation in the sky
  • Sol: Meaning: Hebrew name for “sun”
  • Sterling: Meaning: English name for pure; starling; little star
  • Nash: Meaning: English name for “by the ash tree”
  • Sirius: Meaning: Latin for brightest star visible from Earth
  • Itri: Meaning: Tamazight name for star
  • Saturn: Meaning: Latin, the Roman god of agriculture
  • Namid: Meaning: Ojibwa origin mean meaning “Star dancer”
  • Scorpius: Meaning: Latin name for scorpion; name of a constellation
  • Jericho: Meaning: Arabic for “City of the moon”
  • Hoku: Meaning: Hawaiian name meaning “Star”
  • Kilo: Meaning: Hawaiian meaning “Daydreamer”
  • Sirius: Meaning: Latin for “Brightest star “
  • Taurus: Meaning: Latin name meaning “Bull”
  • Reeva: Meaning: Hindi for “One who guides people like a river or a star”
  • Draco: Meaning: Greek name for “Dragon”
  • Altair: Meaning: Arabic name meaning “falcon”

Names That Mean Star

Beautiful Girl Names That Mean Star

  • Sidra: Meaning: Arabic name for “like a star”
  • Tara: Meaning: Indian for star
  • Vega: Meaning: Latin for “Falling Star”
  • Dara: Meaning: Khmer name for star
  • Asteria: Meaning: Greek name for star
  • Esther: Meaning: Hebrew name for star
  • Bellatrix: Meaning: Latin name for female warrior; one of the stars of the ORION constellation
  • Miranda: Meaning: Latin origin name meaning “Worthy of admiration”
  • Haley: Meaning: Hebrew for “Wise one”
  • Lulana: Meaning: African name for “Shining moon”
  • Izar: Meaning: Basque name for star
  • Carina: Meaning: Italian name meaning dear, beloved
  • Roxana: Meaning: Persian for “Dawn” or “Little Star”
  • Aster: Meaning: Greek name for star
  • Ariel: Meaning: Hebrew name for “Lion of the God,”
  • Namid: Meaning: Native American for “The Star Dancer”
  • Danica: Meaning: Slavia for morning star
  • Genesis: Meaning: Biblical name meaning “origin”
  • Réaltín: Meaning: Irish name for little star
  • Twilight: Meaning: Word name
  • Astra: Meaning: Latin name for “of the stars”
  • Twila: Meaning: from the word Twilight
  • Astrid: Meaning: Scandinavian moniker meaning “Gorgeous goddess”
  • Kiara: Meaning: name with a Korean origin means “the first ray of sun”
  • Starla: Meaning: American name for “a star”

Names That Mean Star

Girl Names That Mean Star

  • Ara: Meaning: Arabic and Egyptian name for rain bringer; name of a constellation
  • Elanna: Meaning: Christian origin name for “Star sun; Majestic being”
  • Estella: Meaning: Spanish for star
  • Andromeda: Meaning: Greek name for “Advising like a man”; name of constellation
  • Vanessa: Meaning: Hebrew for star
  • Seren: Meaning: Welsh name for star
  • Maribelle: Meaning: Latin name for beautiful star of the sea
  • Tana: Meaning: Greek origin name for “fire or star god”
  • Nova: Meaning: Latin for “New”
  • Altaira: Meaning: Arabic name for “Bird”
  • Selina: Meaning: Greek for “Star in the sky”
  • Amara: Meaning: Islam name for “Eternal beauty”
  • Aurora: Meaning: Latin name for dawn; Aurora Borealis is the name of the Northern Lights
  • Electra/Elektra: Meaning: Greek name for bright; shining
  • Juliet: Meaning: French name for “Youthful”
  • Stellaluna: Meaning: Latin name for star and moom
  • Nevaeh: Meaning: Heaven spelled backwards
  • Celeste: Meaning: French for Heavenly
  • Liana: Meaning: English name for “Daughter of the sun”
  • Maristela: Meaning: Spanish name for “Star of the Sea”
  • Mina: Meaning: Muslim for Starling, Heaven, Glass
  • Lyra: Meaning: for the Lyra musical instrument; name of a constellation
  • Star: Meaning: word name

Finally, with so many good options, you’ll definitely find the perfect out of this world name for your baby.

Which of these names do you like the best? Vote up your favorites below and please add any good star names you think are missing!