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106 Best and Creative Weight Loss Team Names 2020 Update

106 Best and Creative Weight Loss Team Names 2020 Update.

A team needs a good name, and a good team name for weight loss teams will serve as an additional source of inspiration for team members on their path to weight loss.

Weight Loss Team Names

It might, however, be a challenge to come up with the ideal team name for a weight loss party.

An estimated 45 percent of people are capable of losing weight on their own. It might seem to be more difficult to hold the weight off. The key factors contributing to the success of long-term weight loss are fewer than 10 hours of television a week, eating breakfast everyday and doing 1 hour of exercise a day.

If you’re struggling to settle on the correct name for your weight loss team, here’s a big list of names to choose from for your weight loss team!

Weight Loss Team Names

Best Weight Loss Team Names

Here are some great names best for weight loss teams to consider:

  • Ready To Burn – A group that is committed to burning extra body fat.
  • The Nudge – For a team pushing together towards having a healthier weight.
  • Lookin’ 4 Lightness – For team members looking to have a lighter weight and working towards it.
  • Team Sweat-It-Out – For a weight-loss team that’s ready to “sweat it out” with exercise.
  • Team No Carbs – A team that’s cutting out carbs from their diet completely.
  • The Push Club – For a club ready to push collectively towards their weight-loss goal.
  • Calories Chopper – A dedicated weight-loss team that’s “chopping” off calories from their bodies and diet.
  • Dutiful Dieters – A weight-loss team that has proven to be dutiful with their diet plans.
  • Mindful & Fit – A weight-loss group mindful of how much they weight and constantly works on getting fit.
  • Less Of Excess – For a group that is working towards cutting down on excessive eating.
  • Shed It Off – A team of people working towards shedding off their extra weight.
  • Team -1 – For a team working towards drop a calorie daily in their weight-loss journey.
  • Scale Sensitive – A team that’s aware and sensitive about their weight while trying to cut down on it.
  • Chosen To Lose – A group that has decided to go on the weight-loss journey.
  • On Becoming – A team with the goal of losing weight and becoming healthier.
  • Pro-Gymers – For a team that’s committed to working out at the gym to lose weight.
  • Less Bod Baggage – For a team ready to drop excess body baggage (fat).
  • Walking Women – A female team dedicated to walking more to lose excess weight.
  • Droppin’ Loads – For a group that is working towards dropping excess body fat.
  • Wages For Health – For the team paying the ultimate price for better health – losing weight.

Exciting Weight Loss Team Names

  • Faithful Fit – For a team of dedicated weight-loss members trying hard to get fit.
  • Fiesty Fighters – A team fiercely committed to cutting down their weight.
  • Team Banged – For a team that’s hitting the gym, eating right and putting in all the effort to succeed at losing weight.
  • March Against Fat – For a team that’s picking up physical activity to lose some weight.
  • Slim & Powerful – A team that’s ready to feel fit and confident in their bodies again.
  • Body Goals – For a group with the goal of becoming the standard “body goal.”
  • Mindful Eating – For a group that has become very mindful about what they choose to feed on.
  • Shifting Left – For team members working towards a decline in their weight when measured on a scale.
  • Carbs Crushers – A team that’s focused on crushing out all forms of carbs from their diet.
  • No Excesses – A weight-loss group that’s cutting down on excessive eating as well as excess body fat.
  • Going-Green Gang – For a gang that’s changing their diet to vegetables and fruits only.
  • Alive & Fit – For a team dedicated to living fit, healthier lives than they used to.
  • Unfit 2 Fit – For a team moving to the fit life and dropping unhealthy habits.
  • In-Shape – Perfect for the team that is ready to get and stay in shape.
  • Team Steady Reductions – A dedicated team making progress in their weight-loss plans.
  • Pound It Out – For a team that’s “pounding out” all the extra pounds in their system.
  • Fat To Fab – A team that’s determined to move from being called “fat” to actually being fabulous.
  • Team Charged Up; A weight-loss team with a resilient spirit to lose weight.

Weight Loss Team Names

Inspirational Weight Loss Team Names

  • Team Less-Is-More – For a team that’s ready to eat less and get more healthy.
  • Body Positive – A weight-loss team working towards having a healthier body image.
  • Belly Fat Gone – For a team working towards eliminating all pre-existing belly fat.
  • Profits In Losses – For a team winning in their journey of losing weight.
  • Dropping Weight – For a team that’s ready to stay dedicated to reducing their weight.
  • Team Stepping It Up – For a team that’s stepping up to work at burning off extra weight.
  • Team Energized – For a weight-loss team full of energy and committed to their workout program.
  • Fat-Forfeiters – For a team ready to forfeit old habits that brought about obesity.
  • Healthy Hearts – A weight-loss team fully prepared to make their health a priority.
  • Obsessive Workouts – For a group committed to intense and consistent workouts.
  • Detoxers – For a group working collectively to “detox” their system of excess fat.
  • Target Deflate – For a team with the target of “deflating” their current body weight.
  • Ready Rangers – A dedicated group pushing towards losing weight by all means.
  • Lost Cause Squad – For a team that almost gave up on dieting and exercise in the past.
  • Bulldozed – A team of fat people hit with a realization of their excess weight and ready to work on losing it.
  • Thick 2 Thin – For a team that is ready for a major transformation in their weight.
  • Sculpted – A team ready to reshape their body size by losing weight.
  • Weight Watchmen – For a team committed to watching their weight diligently.
  • Lesser Than Our Yesterday – A team aiming to be lighter than yesterday.
  • Operation Downsize – A team with the agenda of cutting down on their weight.

Creative Names for Weight Loss Teams

Looking for a team name that’s intriguing and thoughtful? Something with a twist and an interesting ring to it? Here are some creative weight loss group names you’ll love:

Project Fart-Free

  • Women Who Weigh’Lo
  • Unrepentant Thinners
  • Team Way-Less
  • Unbagged
  • Thinpossible
  • InstaFit
  • Gym Jammed
  • Slimmer Expectations
  • Fat Slayers
  • No backing down
  • Team Flab-Less
  • Team Half-Off
  • Fitness-iasts
  • Xtreme Bodies
  • Net Loss
  • The Slimtastic Journey
  • SlimFitted

Weight Loss Team Names

  • Candy-Crushed
  • Thinner Thighs
  • Fit Feet
  • Beast 2 Beauty.
  • Green Gang
  • Flattened Out
  • Smaller Gains
  • Sized Down
  • Thin ‘n’ Trim
  • Wicked Workouts Squad
  • Calories 2 Cardios
  • Fit Finishing
  • Team Drip-Drop
  • Dietox
  • Un-fattening
  • The Wheaty Team
  • Out Of Pounds
  • Workout-holics
  • Curse B Gone
  • Bizzy Bodies
  • Slim Shot
  • Metabo-Light
  • Fit-aholics
  • Fitness Treats
  • Thinspired
  • Mass Reduction
  • Waisted
  • Fruitastic
  • Weighing Less
  • Flattened Down
  • Scaled