Bijoux Caroline Néron is on the brink of bankruptcy

Pierre-Olivier Zappa

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While Caroline Néron gave advice to the various competitors of the show In the eye of the Dragon, she had hands full with its financial problems.

“It is certain that it was uncomfortable. I was going through difficulties, and at the same time I had to give advice. It was surreal, but I’ve done it for the love of entrepreneurship “, said on Thursday in VAT News business woman of 45 years who had the success.

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The stores of bijoux Caroline Néron, whose annual turnover is approximately $ 15 million, placing themselves under the protection of the bankruptcy Act. Nine of the 14 stores will close in the near future and 64 of the 152 employees will be laid off.

“They are the mistakes of the past that have positioned us in this situation, she said, shaken by its recent setbacks. In my head, there was always a solution, until one told me : “You don’t have the choice, your past is too heavy”. “

Even if the jewelry is selling well and that the majority of stores are profitable, the company of Caroline Néron behind heavy debts that cripple its finances.

“The rents in the malls are outrageous, the traffic has decreased and we are committed to leases for many years,” she explained.

The restructuring plan involves the closure of the headquarters, based in Montreal. The business model will be completely redesigned, being more focused on the distribution of jewelry within other organisations and retail chains.


She acknowledges that her lack of experience led her to commit errors.

“I am self-taught. My strengths are business development and marketing. My weaknesses were definitely to the management and finance “, underlined Ms. Nero.

She tells to have delegated these responsibilities to people in his circle, and that there has been a certain ” negligence “. In 2017, the finances were doing well, but this is the last year that all turned into a nightmare.

“Even if there have been errors made by others, it is I the president, it is to me the final decision “, however, allowed the CEO.

A break

On the personal front, the last few months have also been difficult for Ms. Néron, who was preparing to divorce from the businessman Réal Bouclin, founder of the seniors ‘ Network Selection.

It has recently helped financially the company of his wife. However, their union did not survive the turbulence.

“There are a couple that are going to come out stronger, others will be separated. For me, it was that “, said Ms. Néron, who is ready to begin a new chapter in his personal and professional life.

In the world of entertainment entrepreneurship

After a career as an actress and then another as a singer, Caroline Néron has decided to embark on the creation of fashion by launching her line of jewelry and accessories, there are close to 15 years. Bijoux Caroline Néron saw then on the day.

“My company has been launched in three weeks, on a whim”, said she in an interview in 2013.

Barely five years after its creation, the company had 26 employees, more than 140 sales outlets, and its turnover reached $ 2 million.

The pieces are made of Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, cubic zirconia and various other materials. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, belts or other: the brand has diversified with time.

This did not prevent him from making mistakes. “I always had ideas of grandeur, she entrusted. I went to look for funding to present my products in the Galleries Lafayette of Paris. In a month, I lost 100 000 $. I pulled the plogue and I’m back in Quebec.”

His work has helped win a few awards for nearly 15 years: the price of the Entrepreneur of the year large business, the support of the réseau des femmes d’affaires du Québec (in 2012), award for philanthropy for the fight against breast cancer and the environment, and first in the province in 2013 ranking in PROFIT 500 firms with the most growth.

That is Réal Bouclin, the ex of Caroline Néron?

Réal Bouclin is the president and chief executive officer of Group Selection, formerly known as Network Selection, which celebrated its 30th anniversary last October.

This laval company has more than 50 residential complexes in operation or under construction. The company employs 4500 employees across the province of Quebec, including 1000 in the construction division.

They must, in particular, the project Selection Panorama in Laval, which represents an investment of close to $ 100 million. After Laval, the company is working on a similar project in Repentigny, and others will follow in Ottawa and Toronto, according to the five-year plan 2015-2020 of the company, which foresees investments in the order of $ 2 billion.

Réal Bouclin

In 2015, Réal Bouclin has been awarded the Entrepreneur award for his “dynamism, its passion, its commitment and desire to constantly push its limits” at the 25th Gala Award Performance, organized by the réseau ESG UQAM.

It is also this year that he had said yes to Caroline Néron in front of 180 guests. The couple met in 2011 at a benefit evening for the Fondation Charles-Bruneau.