Bloc québécois: Multiculturalism is here to stay

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OTTAWA, on | The bill from the Bloc quebecois to ensure that the canadian multiculturalism Act does not apply in Quebec is dead and buried, much to the chagrin of its members.

“The Room has voted against the principle that Quebec chooses its own model of integration. The three principles are non-negotiable, which are the quebec nation: the equality of men and women; the separation of religion from the State and the French language in common, are absent from the policy of multiculturalism,” said the mp for Montcalm, Luc Thériault in the Commons on Thursday.

The latter was introduced in February a bill to ensure that Quebec is no longer subject to the canadian multiculturalism Act. That law, adopted in the 1980s, essentially aims to maintain and promote the canadian multiculturalism, and the policies.

“A lure”

The elect were given the chance to vote on the question Wednesday at the end of the day. In addition to the seven bloquistes present, three new democrats of Quebec have voted for the bill to continue its path in the parliamentary process being studied by the world Heritage committee. A smashing 263 deputies have rejected the idea, signing the death warrant of the project, even before it was really discussed.

“Why is the government, he refused in Quebec than it gives its own rules of living together?” said Mr. Thériault in the Room Thursday.

“The House of commons claims to recognize the quebec nation, but as soon as it wants to say something, Ottawa says “no,” he continued. The prime minister, will he admit that the recognition of the quebec nation means nothing to them, not at all? It is a decoy, that’s all.”


The reply of the minister of Heritage, of montreal, Pablo Rodriguez, did not expect. He accused the Bloc of wanting to divide “again, and back in the old baffles”.

“Quebecers are proud Canadians. We share common values with the country as a whole. There will be no lesson to receive from the Bloc québécois.”