“Bohemian Rhapsody” and the 5 worst movies of the biographical rock

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The biopics rock have gained popularity in recent years. So much so that one speaks of it now as a genre film per se.

The most recent in date, Bohemian Rhapsody, tells the story of the band Queen and its lead singer, Freddie Mercury.

Upon release of the first trailers, it has focused on the performance of Rami Malek in the lead role. And for good reason.

A shooting not bad rock n’ roll

The film seemed to be in pain. Director Bryan Singer has been dismissed two weeks before the end of the shoot. However, the assembly does not suffer too much.

However, the scenario archi-predictable returns us to a festival of cliché. The outline of the story could agree to all the rock bands, legendary or not.

As this is Led Zeppelin, The Who or the Rolling Stones. Or Even Rick Astley.

Everything is there: the difficult beginnings, the father, authority figure, who does not accept the choice of his son and who recognizes at the end that he is proud of him. All this of course interspersed with the ascent of the group, forfeiture, repentance, and tutti quanti.

The usual recipe, what.

And the other films of the genre?

Fortunately, Bohemian Rhapsody does not summarize all of the biopics alone.

The pitfalls inherent to biopics? Shortcuts to propagate myths about the creation that we almost always lead to anachronisms.

As with all film genres, the followers of the biopics are very demanding.

We no longer convince by a simple chronology of the career of an idol.

According to the artists, we will sometimes prefer a biography over exploded, in agreement with the picture that we have of the artist, rather than a faithful representation of his life.

Like Bob Dylan and I’m Not There. Here, we call a representation of impressionist, surrealist even, of the multiple alter-ego of Dylan in all their complexity.

The biopics of our home

In Quebec, it was recently in law at The Bolduc with Debbie Lynch-White.

Previously, a film about Gerry Boulet had enchanted the fans of Offenbach.

It was also right to Dédé through the mists with a respectable performance of Sébastien Ricard in the title role.

It remains a challenge to tell the life of a character and showing all the petrol.

Some are brilliantly.

Others fail miserably.

The worst biopics

Harmonium (tv series)

Presented at TQS (before V) in 2003, it was said that the series had been filmed with an iPhone. All with a direction of an actor entrusted to a coach for the improv of the College.

Félix Leclerc (tv series)

Directed by Claude Fournier in 2005, this series does not honour the national poet.

Francis Leclerc, the son of Felix, himself a director, had told Tout le monde en parle had compared the series featuring Daniel, a parody of RBO. Ouch!


Brian Jones was the first guitarist of the Stones with Keith Richards. Many fans consider that the Stones have declined after his departure in 1969. Just a series of anecdotes about his life feeds his legend.

He deserved better than a bunch of stereotypes about the drug.

Hysteria: The Def Leppard Story

A film made for the tv. It says it all.

One of the only interests of this (too) long feature film for the fans québécois de Def Leppard? A few scenes were filmed in Québec.

For fans of Def Leppard only… or to the fans of (very) bad movies.

Jimi: All Is By My Side

Available on Netflix, this biopic to the glory of the greatest guitarist to left-handed of the story delivers us a story garoché, told in the quick-and-dirty.Important passages in the life of Hendrix, have been overlooked.

5 biopics that are a credit to the genre

I’m Not There

Six actors embody Dylan at the screen including actress Cate Blanchett.

The challenge of relating the various representations of the bard nobélisé is particular because Dylan is still alive.

Walk The Line

It captures the magnitude of the character has always been Johnny Cash without getting lost in the mythical cliché.

Joaquin Phoenix showed us a Johnny Cash at the time exalted in their anger and sober in its intimacy.

Sid & Nancy

There will not be unanimity here but this album deserves its place in this top.

The acting of Gary Oldman in the role of Sid is inversely proportional to the bass playing of Sid Vicious.


The Beatles story alone could be a series of 8 seasons on Netflix.

Good idea to focus on a specific period of the beginnings of the Fab Four.

A beautiful success story.


In a movie with nuance about the singer of Joy Division.

The major fault of most biopics, it is to show us the artists with too many superlatives.

As if they were still the biggest ROCK GROUP OF ALL TIME. But for us to tell Ian Curtis, who had a tragic end, it had more subtleties and finesse.