Bombardier: Legault must intervene, says Anglade, who refuses to blame the company

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QUEBEC | liberal Party requests the government Legault to launch talks with Bombardier to invigorate the aerospace industry in Quebec, but refuses to point the finger at the company for recent job cuts.

Bombardier announced Thursday that it would abolish 5,000 jobs, including 2,500 in Quebec over the next 18 months.

“It is up to the government to sit down with the company, sit down with the sector and find solutions. Us, [when we form the government], we found solutions,” said the spokesman of the liberal economy, Dominique Anglade, during a media scrum on Thursday.

“The government has the responsibility to be proactive and demonstrate that it has the firm intention to pursue the development of the aerospace sector”, she added.

She believes, in particular, that Quebec has challenged the federal government to put their shoulder to the wheel in the promotion of the aerospace sector.

No blame

In addition, Ms. Anglade refuses to associate the decisions of the company to the job cuts announced Thursday.

“There are business realities that they face, it is the designs. But once again, it is up to the government to sit down with the business to find solutions”, she said.

“This is a company that has made it so that today, without it, we would not have the aerospace sector as it is in Quebec. It is a pillar of the economy, that is, 40 000 jobs,” she added.

The compensation of the officers and business decisions, “it is the role of the C. A.,” said Ms. Anglade.

With the collaboration of Geneviève Lajoie