Bombardier: Ottawa wants to “do everything” to help the workers

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Ottawa wants to “do everything” to help the workers of Bombardier, has informed the minister François-Philippe Champagne, in Quebec city today.

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A little earlier, Bombardier has announced that it will abolish 5000 jobs, including 2,500 in Quebec over the next 18 months.

“We will do everything. It is certain that, when we have a big pole like this one, we hope that these people will be able to find jobs in this sector, said the minister of Infrastructure and Communities. We will continue to see with our counterparts in Quebec and what they can do for the workers. This is really the concern, the issue of this morning, is to see what we can do.”

“But, it is clear that a new like this, just before Christmas, for 2500 families will be affected, this is a new one that we take very seriously. It is for this reason that this morning with our counterparts in Quebec, we’ll see what we can do.”

As to what could actually be done, the minister did not want to go forward, but he reiterated the importance of this industry in the eyes of the federal.

“You know, we have invested in this industry. It is known that the aerospace industry in Canada, it is an important industry. There is talk of more than 200 000 workers, 3000 SMES, of which a large part of Quebec. The third pole of the global aviation is in us. After Seattle and Toulouse, it’s Montreal.”

As to the chances of dismissed workers to find another job in the same sector, Mr. Champagne has hope. “You know Montreal, it is a great pole. It has Bell Helicopter, a CAE, it was Pratt & Whitney, so we managed to create this industrial cluster in there, which allows a bit of mobility.”