Top 155 Boy Names in Italy for Your Charming Prince 2020

Top 155 Boy Names in Italy for Your Charming Prince 2020.

Amazingly, there are many reasons to give your baby boy an Italian name, find the reasons below as you stroll through the lists of these amazing names.

Boy Names in Italy

Italy is a beautiful country who has greatly influenced Western culture. Starting from the savory Italian foods to quality Italian-made goods and fashions, there’s a lot that Italy has to offer.

You may want to respect the Italian heritage of your family or maybe you just love the sound of the language, although some parents decide to go with common famous names, some choose meaningful and unique ones.

You can also vote for one of those Italian boy names even though you’re not Italian. Many of these monikers have significance with strong historical origins and biblical references.

Giving your baby boy a special name isn’t as hard as you thought. We also run into cool names but doing some analysis on the same doesn’t hurt either.

Here we have provided huge list of Italian baby boys which will make your choice easier!

Boy Names in ItalyUnique Boy Names in Italy

  • Antonio: Meaning: Beyond Praise
  • Stefano: Meaning ‘crown’ or ‘he who wears a crown’.
  • Mateo: Meaning: Gift of God
  • Enrique: Meaning ‘a person who owns large estates and rules them’.
  • Abele: Meaning ‘Breath’
  • Manuel: Meaning ‘God is among
  • Rosario: Meaning: Rosary
  • Elio: Meaning: Sun-God
  • Callisto: Meaning ‘beautiful’
  • Samuele: Meaning: The Lord Listens
  • Calvino: Meaning: Italian form of “Calvin”, Bald
  • Enzo: Meaning: Rules the Home
  • Nicolo: Meaning: People of Victory
  • Salvio: Meaning: Saved
  • Mario: Meaning: The God of War
  • Basilio: Meaning ‘noble’, ‘royal’ or ‘kingly’. It also means rose.
  • Silvio: Meaning: Wood; Forest
  • Marco: Meaning: Italian form of “Marcus”, Warlike
  • Agosto: Meaning: Increase
  • Cosimo: Meaning: Order
  • Ferrando: Meaning: Gray
  • Geno: Meaning ‘God is love’.
  • Santino: Meaning: Little Saint
  • Adriano: Meaning: Italian form of “Adrian”, Man from Adria
  • Cristiano: Meaning ‘follower of Christ’
  • Ugo: Meaning: Mind, Intellect
  • Giosue: Meaning: God Rescues
  • Flavio: Meaning: Blond
  • Edmundo: Meaning: Italian form of “Edmund”, Prosperous Protector

Boy Names in Italy

  • Kara: Meaning beloved
  • Ricco: Meaning: Strong Ruler
  • Fabrizio: Meaning: Craftsman
  • Rinaldo: Meaning ‘one whose power is in his wisdom’
  • Brando: Meaning a ‘sword’
  • Mano: Meaning ‘God is with us’
  • Bosco: Meaning: Shrub, Undergrowth
  • Drago: Meaning ‘dragon’
  • Orlando: Meaning ‘accomplishment of the multitude’.
  • Leone: Meaning: Lion
  • Duran: Meaning: Durer
  • Alfonso: Meaning: Italian form of “Alphonse”, Noble; Ready
  • Zan: Meaning ‘clown’
  • Timotio: Meaning ‘honour God’.
  • Tristano: Meaning: Riot, Tumult
  • Cencio: Meaning ‘victorious’

Boy Names in Italy

  • Bravo: Meaning It means ‘courageous’
  • Celestino: Meaning ‘heavenly’
  • Belvedere: Meaning ‘beautiful to see’
  • Angelo: Meaning: Italian form of “Angel”, Angel, Messenger
  • Primo: Meaning: First
  • Mano: Meaning: Hand
  • Patrizio: Meaning: Noble
  • Eduardo: Meaning ‘the holder of rich properties’
  • Lorenzo: Meaning: From Laurentium
  • Ivano: Meaning ‘God is gracious’
  • Ercole: Meaning: Gift from God
  • Luigi: Meaning: Renowned Warrior
  • Julio: Meaning someone who loves making friends
  • Ciro: Meaning: Sun
  • Amato: Meaning: Loved
  • Urbano: Meaning ‘dwells in the city’
  • Pietro: Meaning: Italian Form of “Peter”, Rock
  • Desi: Meaning ‘longing’
  • Aldo: Meaning: Old and Wise
  • Roberto: Meaning: Italian Form of “Robert”, Wife Fame
  • Nino: Meaning: God is Gracious
  • Nino: Meaning God is gracious
  • Orlando: Meaning: Famous land; Heroic
  • Casmiro: Meaning ‘famous’

  • Boris: Meaning braver than a wolf or snow leopard
  • Tito: Meaning ‘of the giant’
  • Cedro: Meaning: Strong Gift
  • Alessandro: Meaning: Italian form of “Alexander”, Defending Men
  • Krystallo: Meaning ‘Christ’s follower’
  • Vittorino: Meaning ‘to conquer’
  • Gennaro: Meaning: January
  • Uberto: Meaning ‘bright mind’
  • Rocco: Meaning: rest
  • Emanuele: Meaning ‘God is with us’
  • Gian: Meaning: Italian form of “John”, God is Gracious
  • Gabriel: Meaning ‘God is my strength’.
  • Carlo: Meaning: Italian form of “Charles”, Free Man
  • Stefano: Meaning: Italian Form of “Stephen”, Garland; Crown
  • Felix: Meaning ‘a man blessed with luck, fortune and success.’
  • Gilberto: Meaning ‘shining pledge’
  • Salvatore: Meaning: Savior
  • Giancarlo: Meaning: John (God is Gracious)
  • Massimo: Meaning: Italian form of “Max”, The Greatest
  • Fiero: Meaning ‘proud’
  • Emiliano: Meaning: Work; Industrious

Perfect Boy Names in Italy

  • Tore: Meaning saviour’.
  • Gregorio: Meaning Watchful
  • Giovanni: Meaning: Italian form of “John”, God is Gracious
  • Otello: Meaning: Wealthy
  • Italo: Meaning: From Italy
  • Emberto: Meaning ‘someone who is a bright warrior’.
  • Jacopo: Meaning Holder of Heel
  • Fausto: Meaning ‘a man of luck’
  • Valentino: Meaning: Strength, Health
  • Ricardo: Meaning ‘powerful or mighty ruler
  • Leonardo: Meaning ‘Bold lion’.
  • Celio: Meaning divine
  • Brio: Meaning: Vivacity, Zest
  • Gianni: Meaning: Italian form of “Johnny” God is Gracious
  • Gasparo: Meaning ‘one who possesses a lot of money’.
  • Marcello: Meaning a‘young warrior’.
  • Dante: Meaning: Enduring
  • Dino: Meaning: Experiment with the Spear
  • Sergio: Meaning: Attendant
  • Giorgio: Meaning: Italian form of “George”, Farmer
  • Baggio: Meaning: Toad
  • Rafael: Meaning: God has healed
  • Bernardo: Meaning ‘as brave as a bear’
  • Benvolio: Meaning: Good Wisher
  • Ottavio: Meaning: Eighth
  • Fillipo: Meaning: Italian form of “Phillip”, Friend of Horses
  • Francesco: Meaning: Italian form of “Francis”, French or Free One

Boy Names in Italy

Cool Boy Names in Italy

  • Vito: Meaning ‘life’.
  • Dario: Meaning: Kingly or Possess Well
  • Gino: Meaning: Wellborn, and also Noble
  • Paolo: Meaning: Small
  • Luca: Meaning: Bringer of Light
  • Sal: Meaning ‘one who is a saviour’.
  • Romeo: Meaning: Pilgrim to Rome, Roman
  • Teodoro: Meaning: Italian Form of “Theodore”; God Given
  • Ucell: Meaning ‘bird’.
  • Nicolas: Meaning ‘victorious people’
  • Franco: Meaning: Italian form of “Frank”, Frenchman or Free Man
  • Carlos: Meaning ‘farmer’.
  • Sandro: Meaning: Defender of Man
  • Leonardo: Meaning: Brave Lion
  • Davide: Used as a variation of the name ‘David’, this one means ‘beloved’
  • Domenico: Meaning: The Lord
  • Adalberto: Meaning nobility
  • Vincenzo: Meaning: Italian Form of “Vincent”, Conquer; Win
  • Sergio: Meaning ‘a servant’.
  • Abramo : Meaning ‘Father of many’
  • Faro: Meaning: Lighthouse
  • Adalfieri: Meaning ‘noble oath’
  • Isaia: Meaning ‘God is salvation’.
  • Herberto: Meaning: Italian form of “Herbert”, Army, Bright
  • Remo: Meaning: Unexplained
  • Clemente: Meaning ‘gentle and merciful’.
  • Gavino: Meaning: White Hawk

  • Raul: Meaning ‘pack of wolves’.
  • Luka: Meaning ‘light’
  • Russo: Meaning ‘a red one’.
  • Lazaro: Meaning: God is my Helper
  • Elmo: Meaning ‘one who gives protection’.
  • Fabian: Meaning ‘farmer’
  • Orfeo: Meaning: Greek Mythology Name
  • Giuseppe: Meaning: Italian form of “Joseph”, God shall add
  • Maximus: Meaning: Greatest

Finally, a list of 155 names that you can pick from when your baby boy arrives. Also, choosing a name with proper sense is important, but keeping in mind the generation he’s rising in is also necessary for you.

Do you know of any Italian Boy Name that isn’t here? Lets see it in the comment section.

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