Celebrate children’s literature… among young people!

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The novels and illustrated books are certainly one of the beautiful treasures of literature, and, in Québec, the young readers are more than blessed with great books. Because it is beautiful to see the generation teenager today wanting to dive the nose in a book and develop a passion for reading, the Salon du livre de Montréal once again this year the strand SLM ADO !

It is from 14 to 19 November, on the side of the Place Bonaventure, will take place in this great literary festival that is the Salon du livre de Montréal. For a fourth consecutive year under the direction of the founder and editor of the blog Sophielit.ca, teens will have access to a variety of interesting activities in the youth zone of the SLM. In order to broaden their horizons of literature and make them aware of a kind with which they may be less familiar, nine extracts from different books will be displayed at the booth official of the SLM ADO.

Since young people are always looking for their next big coup de foudre littéraire, videos of authors reading excerpts of their most recent book will be made and put online (salondulivredemontreal.com and sophielit.ca). A must-see at this booth will be without any doubt the wall of the beating heart of the teens, a space where young readers will be invited to note the title of their favorite novel of the year on the back of books that will be drawn.

In one place… and everywhere at the same time !

Since social media such as Facebook and Instagram are now an integral part of the everyday lives of many young people, the SLM ADO will offer them fun ways to make their mark, during their visit to the book fair.

A framework to égoportraits will enable them to immortalise their hoe, alone or with friends, a bit all over the show ! Even the transit will merge with the festival : in collaboration with Books on the subway, SLM ADO will leave a few books in the subway cars. In short, over the next few days, the hashtag to remember will certainly be #slmado !

Some animations for teens garner the detour, including The creation of a COMIC : a work team from A to Z, The identity of gender and sex in literature and Learn to be afraid of.

All the info on the page SLM ADO under the Programming tab at the salondulivredemontreal.com


Tam Ti Delam

Collective, illustrations by Marie Lafrance, The Mountain secret, 44 pages, for children
5 to 9 years

The successes of Félix Leclerc and Gilles Vigneault, passing by La Bolduc – and the list goes on – are presented in this beautiful album of music that is designed to introduce the young public to the heritage of the québec song. What a great idea to revisit these little gems of the music with the voices of My Ancestors, Ariane Moffatt and Dumas, to name a few ! The children will be a lot of fun to get acquainted with the ten songs presented in this album. Bonus : they will find the biographies of those who hide behind these masterpieces, and a guide of activities that will give them the taste to be a festive and musical, both at home and at school ! This album includes a CD with a duration of 33 minutes.

Juliet in Hollywood

Rose-Line Brasset, Editions Hurtubise, 248 pages, as early as 10 years

The author Rose-Line Brasset, one of the darlings of the small readers, will be just passing by the Salon du livre de Montréal to present this 10th journey of Juliet around the world ! This time, the adorable teenager landed in Hollywood, where she became friends with a saleswoman in a clothing store. Of course, the big dream is to become an actress : who does not cherish not this dream in L. A. ? But to live the life of a star, it wasn’t that high ! Suddenly, the self-confidence of Juliet is a little shaken up, so she comes to ask if it is fairly thin and beautiful… A true success, the first nine volumes of the series, Juliet is passed to 425 000.

Ash Princess

Laura Sebastian, Editions Albin Michel, 544 pages, from 13 years of age

Both a novel action and a thriller, this book – even if it is large – it reads quickly, because it leads the reader through a plot well-crafted and heartfelt wish ! To forget the greyness of November, there is nothing like diving into a fantastic world where the magic, the power, the betrayal but also loyalty coexist. At six years old, the mother of Theodosia was murdered under her very eyes by a cruel man and without pity, in search of power. Ten years later, what is now called Lady Thora, also known as the Princess of Ashes, decides that the time has come to take revenge and take back his rightful title : the queen of Astraea…