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‘Big Brother’ Host Julie Chen Is All About Embracing Motherhood: Meet Her Son Charlie

– Charlie Moonves –

Julie Chen has been the host of the CBS competition show Big Brother since it debuted in 2000. Continue reading to find out more.


After becoming the franchise’s face, the New York native amassed a massive fan base who look forward to seeing her on their television screens each year. 

Julie enjoys spending time with her son, Charlie Moonves, and former CBS chairman Les Moonves during the off-season.

The pair married in Mexico in December 2004. Julie began her career as a CBS Morning News, CBS This Morning, and The Early Show anchor. 

Her fame skyrocketed after she landed the post of reality competition host.

 She wasn’t sure if she wanted to start a family, and her husband already had three children from a previous marriage. 

“I never wanted kids or to get married,” the former The Talk cohost told Buzzfeed in August 2015. During season 11 of Big Brother, Julie revealed she was expecting her first child.

Baby Bump

Her baby belly was visible throughout the season, right up until the show’s finale on September 15, 2009. 

On September 29, 2009, two weeks after the season ended, the television personality gave birth to Charlie.

For the most part, the toddler has avoided the limelight, making only a few rare public appearances on the red carpet with his mother.

Julie did explain in a December 2012 interview that she began a nostalgic habit of writing letters to Charlie when he was one. 

“We’ll keep them till he’s 21, 25, or until he’s mature enough to understand how much he means to us,” the Celebrity Big Brother host explained.


Julie bragged about spending a fantastic Christmas with Charlie in New York City that year, in addition to writing letters.

“I haven’t had a Christmas in New York in a long time, and I wanted to do it for my son,” she continued.

 “I’m doing everything touristy while we’re here.” Everything the tree, the ice skating rink. “I’m going to pretend to be a tourist in New York.”

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FAQs on Charlie Moonves

1. Is Julie Chen the Mother of a Child?

Yes, she is

2. How much Money does Les Moonves Make?

$800 million USD

3. What is Julie Chen’s Salary?

Meanwhile, “Big Brother” host Julie Chen is said to earn $3 million per season, which works out to about $75,000 per episode, according to Cinemaholic.

4. How Old is Moonves?

72 years old

5. Julie Chin is Married to who?

LES Moonves is a former CBS chairman and CEO from the United States. The 72-year-old is Julie Chen, Big Brother’s long-standing host.

6. What Nationality is Julie Chen?


7. Who is CBS’s CEO?

Wendy McMahon is the president and co-chief executive officer of CBS News, CBS Television Stations, and CBS News Digital. She started her new job in May 2021.

8. How much does Jeff Probst make?

Jeff makes $8 million each year as the host of the long-running CBS reality show Survivor.

9. How much does Carson Daly make?

Carson Daly’s pay for presenting The Voice is $5 million per year.

Daly also receives $5 million per year for his job on The Today Show, for a total NBC pay of $10 million per year.

10. How much Money does Sheryl Underwood make from the Show?

Sheryl’s pay on The Talk has not been made public, however, she is reported to earn somewhat more than $500K per season!

Given that a season of the CBS show can run up to ten months, she could make roughly $50,000 every month.

Julie has made a name for herself as a long-running reality program host, a position she cherishes. Though it doesn’t appear that she will be leaving Big Brother very soon, she did joke about Charlie may be taking over.