Charlotte Bouchard harassed her: he had just come out of the psychiatric hospital

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 The Montreal-who would have harassed the sister of Eugenie Bouchard had just been released from the psychiatric hospital to be flooded with calls a minister when he had targeted the young woman.

“There’s nothing to indicate that it poses a risk to the safety of others “, wrote at the beginning of 2014 the administrative Tribunal of Québec about Danny Arsenault.

Arsenault, 40 years old, had just spent a little over two years in psychiatric detention. But once free, he would not have been slow to re-offend since, in September of the same year, he would have begun to focus on Charlotte Bouchard on the social network Instagram, which led to him being again accused of harassment.

It was at the palais de justice in Montreal on Thursday for the start of his preliminary inquiry, which will continue next month.

Danny Arsenault, 40 years old, was also in the court. He said Thursday that, according to him, ” there’s nothing aggressive or attacking in what happened “.

 Minister referred to

The first legal problems for Arsenault began in 2011, when he was working as a deliveryman for a grocery store. Unhappy to be paid in black, he was put in the head to plead his case by calling a minister of the government of Jean Charest.

“[In three days] he would have been more than 125 messages on the voice mailbox of the minister [of his identity can only be disclosed upon an order of the court], many of these messages are said to have had comments that are threatening, hazing and obscene “, one can read in a decision of the administrative Tribunal.

Unhappy not to receive call back, Arsenault has left a final message, which led to him being arrested.

“I’m going to meet you in Quebec city, it won’t be long, we’ll talk about that in the white of the eyes,” said Arsenault.

 Mental disorder

At the end of the judicial process, Arsenault has been declared not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder, which led to him being interned in a psychiatric hospital.

For three years, Arsenault has adamantly refused to take medication. And he has always denied having committed a crime.

“The accused says that his calls to [the minister] wanted to be informative and, at the limit, to be funny,” says the court document.

The administrative Court concluded that Arsenault presents ” the perseveration and a few crazy “, so much so that he was able to get total liberation.

In the folder of the sister of Eugenie Bouchard, if He is found guilty, they risk up to 10 years of penitentiary.

Charlotte Bouchard has posted a statement in which she thanked the public for the support it has received.