Top 150 Charming Nicknames for Your Boyfriend 2020 Update

Top 150 Charming Nicknames for Your Boyfriend 2020 Update.

It is just too boring to call your only boyfriend by his name. You need to show that extra love by choosing for him a sweet nickname that perfectly suits him and gives you that wet and fuzzy feel.

Nicknames for Your Boyfriend

How Do You Get Started?

Choose a Nickname That Means Something to You!

Do you two love to do something together? Do you have a favorite movie? A sentimental nickname is more meaningful than a general one that has no backstory behind it.

Embrace Inside Jokes!

The inside jokes the two of you share are a great place to start when choosing a nickname. You don’t have to choose a cliché name. Find something that’s unique to the two of you.

Know His Personality!

If he is not okay with mushy nicknames – even in private – stick to the classics, such as “hun”

Nicknames for Your Boyfriend

Checklist of Cute Nicknames for Your Boyfriend:

  • Sexy Butt – Does he love gymming? Is his butt the epitome of the perfect butt? No buts, this is the nickname for your guy.
  • Boo Bear – A perfect name for a gruff, protective guy.
  • Puddin’ – If you are both crazy people, try Puddin’, which is what Harley Quinn used to call her boyfriend, the Joker.
  • Hubba Bubba – Perfect for a guy who is sexy as hell.
  • Captain Cookie – A term of endearment for the number one guy on your ship steering the wheel of love.
  • Pebbles – A cute name for a cutie. Also, if he has a nerdy hobby, this is perfect for him.
  • Sugar – Try it for a sweet guy. You may also like Sugar Boogah, Sugar Cube, Sugar Britches, Sugar Leaf, Sugar Cake, Sugar Pie, Sugar Guy, Sugar Muffin, Honey Bun, Sugar Pudding, Sugar Puff, Sugar Plum, Sugar Smacks, Sugar Puss, Sugar Booger, and other fun variations.
  • Pooh Bear – For a cutie pie who reminds you of Winnie the Pooh.
  • Little Monkey – If he is all energetic and mischievous, this is what you need to call him.

Cool Nicknames for Your Boyfriend:

  • Daddy – If he takes care of you and is your go-to guy for everything, this is what you need to call him.
  • Loveberry Cheesecake – This one is for cheesecake lovers. The best sweet treat of them all is your guy, so call him by this name!
  • Fox Box – Your boyfriend is a smartass? This ought to match that smart-mouth’s persona perfectly!
  • Big Daddy – If he is your protector, this is the perfect name for him.
  • Goose Poose – A super cute nickname for a super cute guy.
  • Mi Vida – A Spanish term for a guy you simply can’t live without, your soul mate.
  • Mister Cutie – Perfect for a gentleman who has a hidden soft side only you know about.
  • Snuggly – If snuggling and cuddling with him is the highlight of your day, this is what you have to refer him as.
  • Popsicle – Is he tall and sweet? This is it, then.
  • Pookie – A name for a guy who makes you laugh by acting silly and goofy all day.

Nicknames for Your Boyfriend

Nicknames for Your Boyfriend:

  • Sweet Cheeks – Does your man have pinchable cheeks? Then, go for this nickname.
  • Freckles – If he has them, he is CHOOO CHWEET.
  • Nino – If he acts like a little boy and needs you to mother him sometimes, you can call him by this adorable Spanish term that means ‘boy.’
  • Goofy – For your goofy boyfriend who makes you laugh all the time.
  • Sweet Cakes – Perfect for the sentimental sweeties out there.
  • Sweet Stuff – This is perfect for a man who has captured your heart.
  • Sweetdums – Perfect for someone who loves to talk and is very sweet-natured.
  • Pickle Pie – If he is an adventurous guy who loves to live life on the edge, this would be a cute nickname for him.
  • Coco – Do his crazy shenanigans drive you crazy? Then, this is the perfect nickname for your crazy guy.
  • Thunder Muffin – If he is sweet and super enthusiastic about everything, this is a great name for him.
  • Jelly Bean – This name is for the guy who acts tough but is a softy at heart.
  • Papa Bear – This is what he is if he protects you wherever you are and keeps looking out for you.
  • Huggy Bear – For a big, burly guy who engulfs you in his arms when he hugs you.
  • Sweet Pickle – If he is sweet, yet a little bit naughty, and often lands you both in trouble, this is the perfect nickname for him.
  • Cupcake – If he is the most adorable guy around, you gotta name him this!
  • Love Muffin – He loves his mom, he loves his dog, and he loooves you? He is a sweetie pie! This would be the perfect nickname for your bundle of love.
  • Boo – The classic term of endearment.

Boyfriend’s Nicknames

  • Little Muppet – Does your guy keep losing his stuff and running into things? This would be a great nickname for him!
  • Baby Cakes – Does he cook you breakfast and do your hair? This name would be perfect for your soulmate.
  • Sugar Belly – This is an adorable name if your guy loves to eat.
  • Buttercup – If he is an angry young man who fights for the weak and reminds you of the adorable Buttercup character from Powerpuff Girls, you can name him the same!
  • Fluffy – Is he all cute and cuddly? Does he wear his mamma’s knitted sweaters during Christmas? He is an adorable Fluffy, that’s what he is!
  • Love Bear – A name for a guy who has taken care of you time and again.

  • Wonder Boy – Does he make you feel like the luckiest girl on the planet? Well, do let your Wonder Boy know how much you appreciate him.
  • Stud Muffin – If your boyfriend is a manly man, and, at the same time, a cutie pie, this name would be perfect for him.
  • Teddy Bear – Your cuddle buddy deserves this name.
  • Sweet Pea – Is he so sweet that you practically want to eat him? Then, this would be the perfect name for your perfect guy.
  • Honey Bear – Perfect name for a protective guy who is absolutely precious to you.
  • Cookie Monster – That sweet little monster who teases you and makes fun of you, but at the same time, takes care of you like a baby – he deserves this name.
  • McMuffin – Is he all prim and proper, serious and gruff, yet a softy at heart? This is the name you have been looking for!
  • Snuggle Bug – If you both love to snuggle and watch Netflix, this is the nickname for him!

Nicknames for Your Boyfriend:

  • Kung Fu Panda – Is he a little pudgy but adorable like the panda we all love? He needs to be called by this nickname!
  • Goofball – The name is self-explanatory. You know you gotta name that little bum!
  • Looney Toons – Is your guy a little loco? Show how much you adore his craziness by calling him by this name!
  • Snow Bunny – The perfect name for a guy who loves snow and winter activities a little bit too much!
  • Munchkin – An awesome name for a short, cute, and adorable guy.
  • Pudding Pop – If he is irresistible and a sweetie pie, call him by this adorable nickname.
  • Sexy Button – Is your guy really hot, but a little bit short? This nickname goes with his persona perfectly.
  • Papi – A Spanish nickname for a guy popular among the ladies for his charm.
  • Oreo – If these biscuits are a favorite of yours, you know what to name your favorite person, don’t you?
  • Bae – Stands for Before Anyone Else. Pretty self-explanatory <3
  • Eye Candy – Your boyfriend is a looker, and you can’t get enough of him? This name will show him that you swoon over his good looks!
  • Huggies – A lovely term of endearment for an adorable guy.
  • Papito – A cute Spanish term of endearment.
  • Bumblebee – Is he always hovering around and obsessed with you? That’s your Bumblebee, and you are the flower.
  • House Mouse – Is he tiny and as mischievous as a mouse? Tease him by calling him by this adorable nickname.
  • Hon – A short form of honey.
  • Snugglekins – If you and your munchkin snuggle with each other 90% of the time you guys hang out, this is the nickname for him.

Nicknames for Your Boyfriend

Romantic Nicknames for Your Boyfriend:

  • Pumpkin – Great for an attractive, tender-hearted person.
  • Sunny Bunny – If he is the sunshine of your life and a cutie pie at heart, this is the nickname you need to go for.
  • Tater Tot – This would be a cute name if he is short and stocky.
  • Hot Chocolate – Great name for a good-looking guy.
  • Cuddle Cookie – Perfect for a sweet-natured, shy guy.
  • Marshmallow – You know how marshmallows are – all warm and squishy. If you feel the same thing when you are with the love of your life, you need to name him this.
  • Captain Hottie – Is he a leader by nature? Is he a sight for sore eyes? This name covers all the bases.
  • Honey Badger – A cute nickname for a naughty but sweet-natured guy.
  • Mi Hombre – A Spanish-inspired nickname for your guy. It means ‘my man.’
  • Pikachu – Your very own that you have already caught
  • Snickers – A name that can be used for a guy who gets “hangry” a lot.
  • Baabushona – The classic boyfriend nickname popular among Indian couples.
  • Tarzan – If your guy is wild at heart, this is a great nickname for him.
  • Dumpling – Is your boyfriend a cuddly person? This nickname will suit him perfectly.
  • Jaanu Baby – Another Indian nickname for your bae.
  • Pancake Batter – Are you a foodie? Does your boyfriend’s company give you the same happiness as a plate of yummy pancakes? Here’s the name you were looking for!
  • Smoochie – If he loves to grab you and plant kisses, this nickname will describe him perfectly – and show him how much you love them!
  • Teddy Boo Boo – A cute term for a super sweet guy who reminds you of a cuddly teddy bear.


  • Hot Stuff – If he is a treat to the eyes, your boyfriend deserves this sexy nickname.
  • Sunshine – Is he a bundle of energy? Does his presence brighten your day? If so, go for names like Sunshine or Sunbeam or any other cute variation.
  • Booffair – If he loves scary stuff and forces you to watch horror shows with him, this is a great nickname!
  • Cinnamon Bunny – If he is different from all the other guys, he deserves this nickname.
  • Chocoboy – He is hot, hot, hot? You gotta call that eye candy your Chocoboy.
  • Booga Bear – Just a cute term for your awesome boyfriend.
  • Paw Paw – If he is all protective of you and treats you like his little baby girl, this is the name for him.
  • Shona – A word that basically means ‘sweet little baby.’
  • Poopsie – A whacky name for a goofy guy.
  • Baby Boo – If he is all child-like and you have to do all the protecting, this is what you need to call him.
  • Smarties – A perfect nickname for a smart and down-to-earth guy.
  • Cutie Patootie – If your guy is a couch potato, this is the best nickname for him.
  • Cuddle Muffin – Is your boyfriend the person you just loooove to cuddle with? We know the perfect nickname for him – Cuddle Muffin.
  • Jujube – Jujube is a sweet-tasting fruit of Chinese origin. Call him by this nickname if he’s a sweet, shy guy.
  • Butter Boy – Is he is all tough on the outside and inside when you get to know him? He is a Butter Boy for sure!
  • Honey Bunny – Derived from the classic “honey bunny” song, this term of endearment is very popular among newly-in-love couples!

Things to Consider When Creating Nicknames

Avoid Extravagance

The nickname must not be extravagant. Trying to introduce yourself regularly as “The Lover Maker” will not only make people avoid you, but it definitely will not catch on.

Don’t Rush

Don’t always correct people simply because they have forgotten to use your nickname. No one enjoys being around the guy who gets mad at people constantly because they have forgotten to name him “Terminator Tim,” or something.

Forcing a nickname is a safe way to drive people away from using it in the future. Nicknames are intended to be fun and informal, but getting worked up over them would make people

Simple Is Better

If your nickname is hard to recall or hard to say, then it is a no-go. Many of the popular nicknames people stick to are short and snappy. Stick mostly to nicknames which are low in syllables and easy to read.  Ideally a good nickname should be much easier to write and tell than your real name.

In conclusion, you can get his nickname engraved in a ring or a watch and give it to him! That way, he will know that he is your munchkin and will show him how much you love him. You can call your guy any sort of nickname, but if it describes who he is or what he is to you, he will appreciate it so much more.

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