Chess: Carlsen conceded the draw in the first match of the world Championship

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Unable to bear the nails in the coffin, the young prodigy of norway chess-Magnus Carlsen conceded the draw on Friday in the face of the American Fabiano Caruana, during the opening game of the world Championship in London.

Seven hours is the time duration of this part of the marathon played in 115 shots, during which the Scandinavian 27-year-old, who is trying to win a 4th world title in a row, has not been able to realize a series of advantageous positions which seemed to offer him the victory.

At the end of the match, the two players expressed their disappointment: Carlsen for its lack of realism, Caruana not to have shown more aggression, although it did open with the whites, and therefore with an advantage.

“I still have things to work on,” admitted during a press conference the Norwegian, struggling to find its highest level.

“I have not been very good today,” admitted his opponent, 26-year-old, visibly relieved to be out of the clutches of Carlsen.

The “kick-off” had been given by the actor Woody Harrelson (” Killing babies “, ” Larry Flint “, ” Hunger Games “), for the account of Caruana.

The American started the flower in the rifle by launching boldly crazy towards the opponent’s lines, managed to capture a black knight, before that Carlsen does not response by imposing its game, patiently, up to plant his queen in the heart of the defence by Caruana.

Just lost: a few shots later, and after a fierce fight, the two players were deprived of the majority of their parts offensive, ending the party by playing cat and mouse with only, in each camp, a tower and a few pawns.

Separated from the players by a double transparent glass and anti-sound, so as not to disrupt their concentration, the public has accompanied each movement to comments enthusiasts, speculating about the beating to come and the state of form of the two young masters.

The latter remained impassive throughout the party, and have carefully avoided looking.

“Thor” failures

The two players were still eleven matches scheduled until the 26 of November, of the bay area. The first to reach 6.5 points will be declared the winner, a victory in relating to 1, a null of 0.5.

In case of a tie, they will deliver four parties additional semi-fast, for the year in which excels the Norwegian, as he had demonstrated at the world championships in 2016 to New York to face the Russian Sergey Karjakin.

Initiated by his father since his earliest childhood, “international grand master” at age 13, Magnus Carlsen, number one in the world ahead of Caruana, is ” without doubt one of the best chess players of all time “, said to AFP Milan Dinic, editor-in-chief of the British Chess Magazine.

Indeed difficult to find a flaw in the game, this athletic young man, a fashion model in his spare time, sometimes nicknamed the “Thor” of chess, the origins of the nordic force.

Its strengths ? A dreadful intuition, and a prodigious memory that allows him to have a wide repertoire of shots.

“I don’t think Magnus has obvious weaknesses “, had stressed Thursday Caruana, during a press conference involving the two players. “That said, he still make mistakes – we’re all doing. The challenge is to be ready to exploit them when they arise “.

The presence of Caruana allows the United States to have a representative at this level for the first time since Bobby Fischer, another legend of the discipline, who had defeated in 1972, the Russian Boris Spassky in the ” match of the century “, breaking, in the midst of the cold War, 24 years of hegemony of the soviet union.

Any comparison with the american champion would be “premature” at this stage, however, thought Caruana on Thursday.

“If I become world champion, this will be a bit more warranted,” he said, noting, however, do not share, or the “style” in chess or the same kind of character that Fischer, who had ended his days in Iceland as a misanthropic paranoid.