Clash of cars and cement mixers in Sarov ended in hospitalization of the drivers (PHOTOS)

Столкновение иномарки и бетономешалки в Сарове закончилось госпитализацией водителей (ФОТО)

In the city of N

Utility street in Sarov on the morning of 13 August the accident occurred. Mixer didn’t give way “Volkswagen”, according to traffic police across the Nizhniy Novgorod region. In the result, both drivers had to be hospitalized.

About ten in the morning MAZ did not provide an advantage to the car when turning left and crashed into her. Note that the driving experience 49-year-old culprit is 19 years.

In the strong impact, both drivers were seriously injured and taken to hospital. The 36-year-old woman who was driving the Volkswagen, was diagnosed with concomitant injuries, brain concussion, closed and open fractures. The man operating the mixer, got a bruise of the abdominal wall.

And the woman, and the man was hospitalized in clinical hospital.

We will remind, the truck crushed a motorcyclist in Kstovo district.


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