58 Clever Slangs, Nicknames, and Street Names for LSD 2020 Update

58 Clever Slangs, Nicknames, and Street Names for LSD 2020 Update.

Are you searching for Slangs, Nicknames, and Street Names For LSD. We have provide for you numerous names you can choose from.Nicknames for LSD

According to the National Institute on Substance Abuse, LSD or d-lysergic acid diethylamide is a strong mind-altering drug derived from lysergic acid.

Lysergic acid originates from the ergot fungus, which grows on some seeds. Aside from scientific names, over the years, LSD has picked up a number of nicknames, particularly when illegal drugs are sold on the street.

LSD is a hallucinogenic medicine that induces changes in thoughts and emotions as well as an intense perception of the world of the patient.

A lot of people experience visual hallucinations or visions that are “trippy.” The experience of using LSD has been called a “ride” because of this.

LSD has many nicknames, the most common ones being acid, boomers, and yellow sunshine, just like many other drugs.

LSD Drug Slang/Code Words

To identify controlled substances, designer drugs, and synthetic chemicals, drug slang and code words are sometimes used, which can create confusion for physicians seeking to treat patients under the influence.

In an attempt to inform and assist the healthcare community, Clinical Pain Counselor offers this resource to help clinicians recognise these LSD slang names collected by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) from law enforcement records and other open sources.


After its discovery in 1938, when Albert Hoffman synthesized the compound, the drug became known as LSD-25.

The term LSD-25 was derived from d-lysergic acid diethylamide, followed from its various syntheses by a sequential number. It had been tested without noticeable results on animals and was discarded.

According to the Albert Hoffman Foundation, Hoffman, a Swiss scientist, later discovered its potent effects on himself in 1943, when he mistakenly inhaled or swallowed the drug.

Nicknames for LSD

Clever LSD Slang Names

  • Elvis – The all-famous Elvis was said to have occasionally taken LSD.
  • Black Acid – The name for LSD mixed with PCP.
  • Black Sunshine – This oxymoronic street name suggests the intense mood changes users of LSD can experience, from dark to light.
  • Big D – The last letter of LSD is used for this street name.
  • 25 – The effects of LSD can be felt with as little as 25 micrograms, hence the inconspicuous street name “25”.
  • Yin Yang – Meaning inseparable opposites, LSD can cause the user to feel a number of opposite feelings at once.
  • Mellow Yellow – Referring to the yellow paper form of LSD. This one has a nice twang to it, don’t you think?
  • Chief – The top of the top, this street name is one for those who see LSD as one of their preferred drugs.
  • L – Short, simple, straight to the point.
  • Crystal Tea
  • Alice – This girls name is derived from the Greek word “Aletheia” which means ‘truth,’ however, it’s also a street name for LSD.
  • Acido – The Italian translation for the English word

Funny Nicknames for LSD

LSD can make the patient feel a variety of things, but without the medication itself, these names can get you laughing.

  • Kaleidoscope – As LSD can cause altered perceptions of reality, a user could see a kaleidoscope of colors.
  • Grape Parfait – This is the ultimate street name for a busy area, absolutely no one will know the subject of conversation.
  • Mind Detergent – With regular use of the drug, users can become a little crazy believing they need LSD to think clearly as if it is a detergent “cleaning” their mind.
  • Lucy
  • Zen
  • Loony Tunes – LSD is a hallucinogenic drug that can make people go a little ‘loony.’
  • Sugar Lumps
  • LaLa – A play on the letter ‘L’ from LSD.
  • Bloomers – No, we’re not talking about old ladies’ knickers, this is an actual street name for LSD!
  • Louie – This boy’s name is a variation of the traditional feminine name ‘Lucy’ for LSD.
  • Back Breaker – A name for LSD mixed with strychnine.
  • Daffy Duck – Not only the cousin of Donald Duck but this name is also a nickname for LSD.

Nicknames for LSD

Effect-Based Nicknames for LSD 

LSD’s symptoms vary from a change in emotions to seeing or hearing things that are not there. Users can become very introspective and have an existential journey that is in depth.

Many individuals also offer LSD credit for helping them become better people!

Here is a list of street names for LSD based on the specific effects of acid.

  • Coffee – We all know this caffeine boost and then the drop, much like the effects of LSD.
  • Doses – Acid, or LSD, has different effects with different doses. People can take multiple doses at one time.
  • Superman – Hallucinations don’t only involve seeing things outside the self but also in yourself, maybe you’ll think you are superman.
  • Lucy in the sky with diamonds – This refers to the Beatles song, but John Lennon denies any links between the initials of the title and the drug LSD.
  • Golden Dragon – Perhaps because the chance of seeing dragons during a trip is always there!
  • Pure Love – Who doesn’t love the feeling of love? LSD can intensify feelings, so this street name fits perfectly.

Other Names for Acid

  • Grey Shields – The grey paper tabs of LSD would make the worst shields yet this name continues to be used.
  • Paper Acid – This one is pretty much in the name, acid in a paper-like form.
  • Purple Dot – LSD in the pill form can appear as a small purple dot.
  • Micro Dot – The form of LSD comes as small dried squares like microdots.
  • Dotter – As LSD comes in dot-like pills, a regular user can be called a dotter.
  • Blue Tabs – LSD also comes in small paper tabs, often blue or yellow in color.
  • Blotter Acid – We are not talking about beauty blotting papers here, so please don’t mistake them for LSD… or vice versa!
  • Drops
  • Window Pane
  • Contact Lenses – The small tab forms of LSD can appear a little like contact lenses a perfect way to disguise a conversation about the drug.
  • Pink Blotters – Much like the name above, LSD can also come in pink tabs that look like sheets of small paper.
  • Black Star
  • Pane – An abbreviation of the common name “window pane,” this one’s a little more inconspicuous.

In conclusion, have we forgotten anything? Let us know if you know any elusive, unexplainable, or just plain whacky street names for LSD in the comment section!

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