Closure “unacceptable” in the Old-Quebec, says Labeaume

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Régis Labeaume lamented the closure “unacceptable”) of the Caisse Desjardins du Vieux-Québec, believing that it sends a “very bad signal” to the residents of the historic district.

Light come up after a first wave of rumors, 2016, Régis Labeaume had taken the pen to make known his indignation to the president of Desjardins group; Guy Cormier.

He was then asked to intervene and find a solution to that Desjardins continues to have a presence in the heart of Quebec city, which is not that mechanical with two atms “.

“The decision is unacceptable “

The office of the town hall has revealed the existence of this letter, on Tuesday, the same day of the announcement of the closure of the branch of the Old Quebec in our pages. The press secretary of the mayor, Paul-Christian Nolin, argues that the position of the mayor, expressed in September 2016, is still current and has not changed since.

“I am writing to you to denounce with all my strength, this short-sighted decision to close the only branch of Desjardins in the historic district of Québec, a decision unacceptable that I will not be able to defend in the public square “, one can read in this letter there are more than two years to the big boss of the movement.

The mayor blamed then Desjardins, an ” actor’s socio-economic order “, abandoning the customer’s Old Quebec city and the tourists visiting the Old Capital.

The mayor was not available for an interview Tuesday. It intends to continue to make representations with Desjardins, we were told.

Inevitable closure

The director general of the Caisse Desjardins de Québec, Denis Laforest, maintains that the closure of counter services, from the 25th January next year, is inevitable.

Economically, “there is no justification” for this point of service, he repeated in an interview Tuesday, recalling that the Caisse du Vieux-Québec has only 18 active members and that the vast majority of transactions are now carried out with the two atms, which will remain accessible.

The residents in the area argued there, already consume outside of Old Quebec and going to the credit unions and banks in the surrounding areas.

“The world has changed. The habits have changed. There is a heavy trend. I think that the reality of today is not even the 2016… The Caisse of Quebec will not bear the weight of create of the activity in Old Quebec. “