Comtois: a twist deplorable

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It is awful what happened to Maxime Comtois after the defeat of Canada at the world junior Championships. And let’s say things frankly.

I find it so disgusting that these little people – that’s how I call them – which are concealed behind the screen can afford to write no matter what, and to insult a 19 year-old. These are often people who are not doing anything with their life, jealous, frustrated, who want to the whole world. We don’t stop to say ” have fun “, but when it doesn’t work for some tastes, it is no longer fun.

It does not surprise me because with social networks, people have to pay for the deals. I would say to Maxim, get over it and not dwell on them. He continues to do what it does best. For the people who don’t know hockey, you should know that the keepers often have the advantage when we look at the percentage of success in these circumstances. Maxime has not to do with it.

Quebec referred

Things might have been different if Comté had not been a Quebecer. Who knows ? In my time, it was not uncommon for francophones to do the insult behind the bench. I myself have heard all sorts of things.

In my work as an analyst, I bring a lot of attention to Quebecers, whether they be players, coaches or leaders. I want them to succeed. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to Tim Hunter, the coach of the junior team canada, to be attacked at Alexis Lafrenière. He has never talked about another player individually in this way, except for Lafrenière, a player of fourth line in this tournament !

His commentary in the place of a player of the fourth row of 17-year-old has perhaps been a source of distraction for the canadian team. Lafreniere is a young man with talent who may be the first choice in the NHL draft 2020. This tournament is so difficult, even for the favorite teams, and the competition is great. The other countries are improving.

It reminds me of when Dave King spoke of the problems in the defensive in the game of Mario Lemieux. Frankly ! We know the career of Mario. For me, it always comes back to the fact that Quebecers are often pointed out.

We like that aim for Quebecers, and that is why it is necessary to keep more than ever. Maxim has to quickly turn the page. This is a player for the future with the Ducks, and it is clear that they are going to want to pay attention to him.

It may explain why there are fewer coaches in quebec. Especially without Alain Vigneault and Michel Therrien among the brotherhood. Claude Julien is a Franco-Ontarian, so that means Guy Boucher, in Ottawa, is currently the only driver from the province.

The Canadian car

The Canadian knows his best moments of the season. The team has had a good month of December and will have a schedule favorable, with seven of its next ten games will be against teams that are not likely to make the playoffs. This sequence will start tonight against Nashville and will continue Monday against Minnesota.

The team is healthy and we can say that it was undeniably the same face since the return of Shea Weber.

I also give credit to Claude Julien who has been able to adapt to a new game system. The arrival of Dominique Ducharme has no doubt helped, and I think that Claude has taken the best of all the world. The players have adapted more easily than I would have thought. We can also speak of stability so that we can see more and more of the same trios. Joel Armia impressed me a lot, Thursday, and it could become the best winger right of the Habs before long.

— Interview by Roby St-Gelais

The echoes of bergie was

Wise decision to Ovy

Alexander Ovechkin has refused to go to the all-star game. It is necessary to tell that the Russian has played a lot of hockey in the last few years, never missing a world championship and winning the Stanley Cup last year. And then, I think it is a little to Gary Bettman not to have been able to go to the Olympics, the last winter. It is necessary to respect the fact that he wants to take a little rest.

Besides, I think that Price should refrain from going to the all-star game because he needs to rest regularly. His wife has given birth, it is expected to remain close to his family. Especially as the schedule is announced full-bodied after the break of the all-star game.

The one who should have been named for the CH, it is Jeff Petry. He took orders in the absence of Weber playing on average 25 minutes per game.

Pettersson, a style similar to Gretzky

Hope that the injury to Elias Pettersson during the game against the Canadian is not too serious, to him who is in advance for the title of rookie of the year. I hope that he will recover quickly because it is such a good hockey player. It makes me think of Wayne Gretzky. He will never have his statistics, but he has some moves that remind me of Gretzky. In Ottawa, if Matt Duchene follows the example of Mark Stone, who wants to renegotiate his contract, this would be a good news for the Senators in terms of stability.

Surprising Swiss !

What route for the Swiss at the World junior, they are amazing ! This is what happens in a tournament like this. This is not a series of four seven and a match, they can believe it. In a series 4 of 7, Canada is superior, but for a game, we don’t know what can happen. A bit like baseball where you can win the game if your launcher is good. And the Swiss seem to be well directed.