Concern Ottawa: the without news of his father since the accident

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At the seniors Centre Churchill of Ottawa, several people await news of their loved ones possibly involved in the fatal accident of a bus that occurred Friday afternoon in the capital.

Among them, Braydon Tomlinson is worried. His father regularly takes this bus, the 269 in the direction of Bridlewood, morning and evening.

“He likes to sit on the second floor, in front, said the young man in an interview with TVA News. I was told that some people died and I pray that it is correct. I tried to call, but I have not had a response.”

Inside, nearly five hours after the accident, the authorities ask him to wait with his mother and brother.

Mr. Tomlinson has also called the hospital, but was not able to get new of this side.

The seniors ‘ Centre in Churchill is open to residents who are waiting for news of their loved ones. The Red Cross has also set up a telephone line: 1-855-797-8875.