Confrontation and rivalry family

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The Théâtre la Licorne began the year 2019 with a creation of Jean Marc Dalpé. The story, set in northern Ontario, we will present two sisters who quarrel about their inheritance, a family-run motel that their parents have bequeathed to us. This became the subject of an active confrontation.

The audience will see the piece start upon the death of the mother of the protagonists. Their father had already died, the two sisters must decide the fate of The Queens, a small hotel located in the north of Ontario and owned by their parents.

These two sisters, Mary Elizabeth and Sophie, have positions and points of view to be diametrically opposed, resulting in a great rivalry.

“Mary Elizabeth is a great concert pianist recognized internationally,” says the headliner, Marie-Thérèse Fortin, about his character. “She has left northern Ontario for a long time and travel across the world to present their concerts. “

Indeed, at the time of the drama, Mary-Elizabeth is located in Moscow. “Wanting to break with the past, she wishes to sell Queens,” says the actress.

His sister, Sophie, played by Dominique Quesnel, is attached to its own roots and wishes to continue the work of his parents. She is ready to do anything to prevent his sister to liquidate the motel.

“Already, very young, Mary-Elizabeth felt called by something else “, adds Marie-Thérèse Fortin. “A dream arts had pushed to go to study in the United States. “

“We will witness a confrontation between two strong women,” says the headline. “Sophie has also had a music career in the United States, making instead in pop music. “

This is when her parents faced the illness that Sophie returned with them to look after the motel.

Family roots

“These are their grandparents who first settled in northern Ontario, at a time when it was going to invest this territory which was uninhabited,” remarked Marie-Thérèse Fortin.

The piece examines our roots and our values in relation to the family.

“Mary-Elizabeth is at a time in her life where she wants to fully devote himself to music and to his art and to scratch its origins,” she says.

The exploitation of northern Ontario, its mines and its factories, has contributed to the growth of this motel that met the needs of this workforce, as well as to the Americans who travelled there to hunt. But the profitability of the motel is now in decline.

Will add other characters, including a man of affairs, personified by David Boutin, who wants to get their hands on the motel Queens. “He sees an opportunity for the development of the territory,” says the actress.

History of money

We see that the confrontation between the two sisters is also a story of money, due to financial worries of the two sisters.

In addition, Marie-Thérèse Fortin is already working on the staging of the play educating Rita, which will be on display at the Théâtre du Rideau Vert as early as 19 march. We will also be able to see on the small screen in the fifth season of the series, Boomerang.

The Queens’

♦ Author : Jean Marc Dalpé

♦ Directed by : Fernand Rainville

♦ Distribution : David Boutin, Marie-Thérèse Fortin, Alice Pascual, Dominique Quesnel and Hamidou Kimsey

♦ From 15 January to 23 February

♦ At the Théâtre La Licorne (main hall)