Connor McDavid : the Hart with or without the series?

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An old cliché in the sports world wants the best players must be the best to allow their team to win. However, we have rarely seen a team depend so much on his super-star as the Edmonton Oilers.

If the training in alberta is maintained as well as they could in the race for the series at the present time, it is in large part thanks to Connor McDavid.

Friday, Jonathan Willis (The Athletic) has mentioned on Twitter that McDavid has contributed to 53% of his team’s goals since the beginning of the season. In comparison, Wayne Gretzky has never finished a season with the Oilers with a high rate of participation in the goals for his team.

See McDavid to demonstrate such effectiveness being as evil surrounded and will lead to the reflection when the time comes to award the individual honours at the end of the season.

Usually, a player winning the Hart trophy – awarded to the most valuable player to his team – has managed to lead his club in the playoffs. Thus, McDavid was awarded the Ted Lindsay trophy (best player according to his peers) in 2018, but finished fifth in the voting for the Hart trophy, as the Oilers have been excluded from the series, ending at the sixth level of the section and the Pacific.

This year, should be exempt McDavid of this criterion? The esteemed Elliotte Friedman believes it will be necessary to reconsider its bid if the Oilers fail to qualify for the tournament of spring.

McDavid is headed for a third consecutive season of at least 100 points, but above all, the Oilers are a different team when he is not on the ice.