30 Cool and Famous Nicknames for Julia 2020 Update

30 Cool and Famous Nicknames for Julia 2020 Update.

Julia: Nicknames have been in use for a long time, but it hasn’t become easier to come up with a nickname, which is why we have gathered all the cool nicknames for Julia in this post.

 Nicknames for Julia

Julia is a feminine Latin first name, meaning ‘young, child of Jove.’ It is the female version of Julio and Julius in Latin.

Throughout Late Antiquity, the name Julia was in use and only became a regular name in the 18th century in the English-speaking world.

We have compiled a cool list of nicknames suitable for Julia.

Cool Nicknames for Julia

  • Lee – Meaning ‘dweller by the wood’ it is a cool nickname for Julia.
  • Julicorn – A cute nickname inspired by the word ‘unicorn.’
  • Julyet – Inspired by the seventh month of the year, July.
  • Uli
  • Jovita – An adorable nickname for Julia, which is the Spanish variant of the given name.
  • Giulietta – The Italian variant of Julia.
  • Juls
  • Lia
  • Yuliya – Another cool nickname that is also the Bulgarian variant of Julia.
  • Jules
  • Xulia – The Galician option of Julia.
  • Juulia – The Finnish variant of Julia.
  • JulieBean – A lovely nickname inspired by the movie producer Julie Bean.
  • Lulia – The Bulgarian variant of Julia.
  • Julija – The Macedonian option for Julia would serve as an excellent social media handle name.
  • Junami – A funny nickname that is inspired by the tsunami
  • Julsie
  • Jujube
  • Coolia – Cool-ia
  • July
  • Yulia – The Russian variant of Julia.
  • Julitta – A cool nickname that is the Dutch variant for Julia.
  • Juju – You can add suffixes such as Babe, Luv, Rose, Honey, etc.
  • JJ / Jay Jay – Got from the first letter of the name Julia, repeated twice to make it even way cool.
  • Jewel – Meaning the precious stone, so therefore this nickname would be best for a beloved person.
  • Julienne – The French variant of Julia.
  • Jupes – A lovely nickname inspired by ” Indonesian actress, singer, presenter, model, and comedian.
  • Juli
  • Lily – A beautiful nickname inspired by the lovely flower, lily.
  • Julcia – A cool nickname inspired by the Polish variant of Julia.
  • Jully
  • Julie
  • Jay
  • Julianna
  • Julerz – An adorable nickname for Julia.

 Nicknames for Julia

Famous People Named Julia

When it comes to choosing a nickname from a name, considering famous people who bear the name is one quick way to find a nickname. Some are fictional characters that are named Julia

  • Julia Almeida – Brazilian actress
  • Julia Roberts – American actress
  • Julia Crichton – The female protagonist in Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos
  • Julia Fernandez – A character from the manga and anime Beyblade G-Revolutions
  • Julia Houston – A character played by Debra Messing on the TV series Smash
  • Julie “Finn” Finlay – A character played by Elizabeth Shue in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  • Julia Ogden – A character in the Canadian television series Murdoch Mysteries
  • Julia – a character in Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. A character in manga series Rave Master, and a character with autism in the children’s television series, Sesame Street
  • Julia “Jules” Cobb – A character played by Courteney Cox on the comedy series Cougar Town
  • Julia Perez – Known as “Jupe” Indonesian actress, singer, presenter, model, and comedian
  • Julia Chang – A character in the Tekken video game series
  • Julia Carter Aldrich – American author

Do you know any other awesome endearment words for Julia that is not on our list? In the comments section below, please add them!

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