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71 Cool But Funny Weight Loss Team Names 2020 Update

71 Cool But Funny Weight Loss Team Names 2020 Update.

In your weight loss team, is there a sense of comfort and familiarity as well as a healthy sense of humor? Would the name of a playful or foolish team be just right? Consider the following funny team names for weight loss:Funny Weight Loss Names Weight Loss Team Names: Ain’t you tired of taking weight loss coffee and other weight loss supplements? Why not join a weight loss team that can help you work out till your body is in good shape? Or are you probably in a weight loss team already, and then why not look for a motivational name for your team, that will inspire them to work till they are back to shape?

Cool and Funny Weight Loss Team Names

Is there a sense of comfort and familiarity, as well as a healthy sense of humor in your weight loss team? Would a playful or silly team name be just right? Consider the following funny weight loss team names:

  • Chunky Chicks Unite – For a female team of preppy but chubby females ready to help each other lose weight.
  • Bite-Sized – For a group working hard at losing weight and appearing more “portable.”
  • Chunky Monkey – For a team of adorable but chubby-looking members of a weight-loss program.
  • Biggie Smalls – For a team that’s trying to go from being big to getting smaller physically.
  • As Thin As Gandhi – For a weight-loss team striving to be as skinny as the late Gandhi.
  • Bootie Busters – For a team working their butts off to shed the excess weight in their bodies.
  • Bulging Bandits – For a group of bulgy-looking members trying to lose weight.

Funny Weight Loss Names

  • Beef Down – For a team that is ready to put the “beef down” and cut down on their weight.
  • Blubbery Bodies – For a team with super thick and round bodies, desperately looking to lose weight.
  • Droopy-Panty – For a team that’s ready to lose so much weight that they’d have to get new pants.
  • Allergic 2 Fat – For team members that refuse to settle for being fat much longer.
  • Aunty Hippies – A female weight-loss team with Hippo-like bodies.
  • Battle Against The Bulge – For a team that’s ready to fight and defeat their obesity together.
  • Belly Shrinkers – For a team that’s looking to shrink their belly size.
  • Back Breakers – For a team that’s ready to go to the extremes to lose weight.
  • Banging Bellies – For a team focused on burning tummy fat.
  • 50% Off – For a team with the goal of losing half of their current weight.

Hilarious Weight Loss Team Names

  • Dump-Your-Pump – A team that’s dumping all the calories they once pumped into their system.
  • Ex Junkies – For a team whose members were previously addicted to junk food.
  • Skinny Dippers – For a weight-loss team striving towards being about to skinny deep comfortably again.
  • Yum B Gone – Getting rid of yummy and sugary treats from the diet to lose some fat.
  • Team Ate-Too-Much – For team members that overate in the past.
  • Iron Arms – For a team that has proven to be energetic especially in the area of lifting weights.
  • Grateful Guts – A team so dedicated to eating healthy that their bellies would thank them.
  • Fat B-Gone – A team that’s ready to say goodbye to all that extra fat.
  • Fat As-is – For a team with a lot of overweight members but more than ready to lose the fat.
  • No More Jiggling – For team members with so much fat that it jiggles when they walk.
  • The Chunky Bunch – A bunch of overweight, bulky team members ready to lose weight.
  • Thin It To Win It – For a team that’s losing all that weight to win back their health.
  • Fatty Bom-Boms – For a team with extra-large, funny looking butts.
  • Sweaty Fleshs – For a team that works intensely to burn all the excess fat.
  • FattaBoys – For an all-men team ready to cut off some weight.
  • Phat Attack – A group that has decided to wage an attack against being over-weight.
  • Swollen ‘n’ Sorry – For a team with chubby members that are ready to change their lifestyles and lose weight.
  • Weight Shedders – A team committed to shedding excess weight.
  • Getting Physical – For a team that’s ready to get more active and healthy.
  • Gym Rats – A team that’s always hitting the gym.
  • The Daily Depreciation Club – For a weight-loss club burning calories and “depreciating” daily.
  • Mouth-Full – A team with chubby cheeks and round bodies from overeating in the past.

Funny Weight Loss Names

Witty Weight Loss Team Names

  • The Phatties – For a fat (phat) weight-loss team ready to reduce in size.
  • Hangry Hippos – A group of hippo-sized people that get hungry and tensed when working out.
  • Weight Mates – For a group of people struggling with the same problem – trying to lose weight.
  • The Wobbly Women – For an all-female team with robust bodies that makes them walk funny.
  • Weight Dumpers – For a squad that’s already dumping all the extra weight through exercise.
  • Team Pants-Don’t-Fit – For a group with oversized members in need of new pants that fit.
  • Thunderous Thighs – A weight-loss team working towards cutting down the fat around the thigh/leg areas.
  • Fatso Fiesto – For a group of robust-looking people trying to burn some fat.
  • Fat ‘n’ Furious – For a fierce and fat team ready to lose weight at all costs.
  • Fat Assasins – For a squad that’s ready to murder all the fat in their bodies.
  • Team Overgrown – For a team that looks like the members are much older because of their weight.
  • Sticky Decisions – For a team that decided to lose weight and get sweaty and sticky as a result.
  • Team Squeezed – For a team that’s ready to squeeze away excess fat.
  • Lean Meat – For a team that’s ready to get their meat (flesh) to look slimmer.
  • Fat Bottoms – For a team with a lot of members carrying overweight butts.
  • Flushing Fat – For a team that’s ready to flush out all that fat.


  • Fat Extractors – For a team that’s ready to “extract” all the excess weight in their body.
  • Puffed Up – For a weight-loss team with a chubby and plump look.
  • The Fatties Club – A club for chubby people looking to lose that extra weight.
  • Team Put-A-Rib-On-It – For a team that’s ready to cut down on some meat (body fat) and allow some ribs show.
  • The Chubby Squad – For a weight-loss squad with plump and overweight members working towards slimming down.
  • The Meaty Society – For a team of extra chubby members that want to get rid of all that meat.
  • Fat Melters – For a team that’s melting away all their extra fat.
  • Pumpkin Party – For a group of obese people that have come together to cut down on their weight.
  • Sticky & Stinky – For a team that’s ready to get sticky and smelly from intense workouts.
  • The Slims – For a team with the ultimate goal of getting slimmer.
  • Fat Busters – For a team ready to “burst” every bit of fat on them.
  • Sticky Religion – For a team that’s exercising religiously and getting sweaty/sticky through it.
  • Fat & Flabby – For super chubby weight-loss members with “flabby” body parts.
  • Team Ready-To-Burst – For a group of extra-large people who want to bring down their weights.
  • Flab attack – A team that’s ready to get rid of all the chunky and fatty flesh on their bodies.
  • Hungrier-Than-Thou – A chubby squad that struggled with overeating in the past.

Which of the names interest you most? Lets hear it in the comment section.